The World’s Dumbest Criminals Of All Time

world's dumbest criminals

It doesn’t take brains to be a criminal. However, it does take brains to pull off a crime. It’s surprising how many dumb criminals there are who believe they can actually get away with a crime they committed. Below, we list the world’s dumbest criminals. *Note: These are all true crimes.

6 Of World’s Dumbest Criminals Ever!

1. Caught In The Act

Darren Kimpton, a 49-year-old heroin addict, isn’t the smartest burglar. In Abington, he tried to break into two homes on the same night. He was unable to get into the first house and left his DNA on the doorknob. At the second home, he reached through a broken window to access it. However, he soon realized the home was filled with police officers since the home had been broken into earlier that day. Naturally, he was caught by the police.

He had 36 prior charges of burglary before being caught in this incident. You think he would’ve learned his lesson prior to this.

Source: Northampton Chronicle

2. Wanted Facebook Profile Photo

Honestly, this has to be one of the world’s dumbest criminals ever! Mack Yearwood of Florida used his own wanted poster as his Facebook profile photo. This helped officials learn more about him and locate him. He was wanted for battery, and was eventually arrested at his brother’s home.  

Source: ABC News

3. Free Beer!!!

Who wouldn’t be tempted by the offer of free beer? Well, 19 criminals sure couldn’t resist! In Derbyshire, undercover police posed as a marketing company. They sent letters to criminals who had evaded arrest, offering them a free crate of beer. The dumb criminals were instructed to call the company for further instructions. Once a date and time to meet were set, police were waiting to arrest them.

Source: The Telegraph

4. Revenge of the iCloud

World's Dumbest criminals

Even though iCloud is still confusing to mostly everyone, two men from Houston understood it when they were caught by police. These men stole an iPad and other electronics from a home, and took a selfie of themselves (featured above) using the iPad. However, they didn’t realize that that selfie would be uploaded to the iPad owner’s iCloud account. This photo led police to identify the two criminals and arrest them.

Source: NBCDFW

5. Mission Impossible

One man’s mission to rob a Queens bar was definitely impossible. He decided to sneak through the vents, early on a Thursday morning, to access and steal from the bar. However, as any normal person would’ve figured out, doing this resulted in the dumb criminal getting stuck. A woman living nearby heard him cry through the vent and called 911. He was charged with trespassing, burglary, and criminal mischief. Needless to say, this man is no Ethan Hunt.

Source: New York Post

6. Hanging By A Thread

World's Dumbest Criminals

32-year-old John Pearce tried to burglarize the home of Paul Ives in Dartford, Kent. As Pearce knocked out the window to escape, his shoe somehow got caught on the window leaving him hanging upside down in the home. The kicker is that when Mr. Ives came home, Pearce claimed he got stuck while trying to catch someone stealing. Like anyone would believe that! Pearce fessed up to burglary and was later sentenced. Ives even said himself, “The man must be the world’s dumbest thief.”

Source: Daily Mail


Clearly, these dumb criminals didn’t think things through. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been caught. Are there any criminals you’ve heard about that would make a great addition to our world’s dumbest criminals list? Let us know in the comments below.

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