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Women’s Loungewear Essentials To Stay Comfy 24/7

If you are a stay-at-home parent, are working from home, or find yourself at home for other reasons, you likely want to be wearing comfortable clothes. WhoNo one wants to wear tight fitting clothes at home? if they’re not going out. With loungewear, you can stay comfy all day at home no matter what you are doing. Below, we’ve listed the loungewear essentials for women.

Oversized Knit Sweater

womens loungewear

Having an oversized sweater or knit sweater is a loungewear staple item all women should have. Stay warm, cozy, and possibly stylish while doing at-home tasks. Pair the sweater with a pair of leggings or bike shorts. Easily transition your outfit when going out by putting on a pair of jeans and ankle boots. 

Jogger Pants

Instead of squeezing into a pair of jeans, put on a pair of comfortable jogger pants. They are great to lounge around the house in and to wear while walking the dog or going out to do small errands. Get a plain colored jogger pant like black or gray so it pairs with a variety of tops, sweaters, or hoodies. 

Fleece Sweater

The key to staying warm at home (besides turning your heat on) is to wear a fleece sweater. Fleece will keep you warm even during the coldest of days and nights. Typically, fleece sweaters are styled as pullovers and include a zipper or turtleneck. 


This is the loungewear item that pairs with all types of shirts, hoodies, sweaters. Going with a black legging is the way to go, but you can get them in gray, dark gray, or denim colors as well. If you can, try on the leggings before purchasing them. You need to make sure they are a good material and are not sheer if you bend over. 

Fuzzy Socks

womens loungewear

Some people like to wear flip flops or go barefoot around the house. However for most, they usually wear fuzzy socks (with fun designs) to keep their feet cushioned and dirt-free. If you are not a fuzzy sock person, you could opt for a pair of fuzzy slippers instead

Shirt Dress

Is it a shirt or a dress? This season, shirts that can double as dresses are in! If you need to be warm, wear a pair of leggings or jogger pants underneath it. And when you are too hot, you can just wear the shirt as a dress. 

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are great to wear at home, especially if you want to do an impromptu workout or need to walk your pet in the middle of the day. Typically, yoga pants are made of a stretchy material that is comfortable,  while being form fitting around the stomach and thighs and loose from the knee down. 

Plain Tank Tops & T-Shirts

Mix and match your loungewear and going-out wear with plain tank tops and t-shirts. You will want to have these in black, white, and gray. For these items, there’s not need to spend extra $$$ on them. You can easily get them at affordable prices from stores like Old Navy, Walmart, T.J. Maxx, and Target. 

Teddy Sweater, Pullover, or Jacket

womens loungewear

Teddy sweaters, pullovers, and jackers are the hot loungewear item this year. They are fuzzy inside and out, often made with sherpa material. The common colors most people opt for include light gray, dark gray, white, pink, and two toned. 

Pajama Onesie

Having a pajama/lounge onesie is the ultimate way to stay comfy at home. However, avoid wearing it while working in case you get a surprise video call from your coworker or boss. Get one that shows off your personality or is of your favorite cartoon character. For example, if you like Disney, you could get this Stitch onesie pajama

Comfortable PJ Sets

Make sure you have some comfortable pajama sets for all types of weather. Opt to get nicer pajamas with stylish prints that will be fine for you to wear during the day at home.

Long Sleeved Shirts

If you aren’t a sweater person, get long sleeved shirts instead. Find ones with graphic designs on them that express your personality or have trending patterns like tie dye. Just because you want to stay comfortable doesn’t mean you need a plain shirt. 

Those are just some of the many women’s loungewear items you should have in your closet. What do you wear around your house to stay comfortable and cozy? Let us know!

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