Why You Should Spend More Time With Your Grandparents


When university rolls around, serious relationships develop and careers start to take off. At this time, young people often focus on all these new and exciting things that are happening in their lives. It’s understandable, but it’s also important not to forget about all the other stuff that’s come before, including your grandparents.

Staying in touch with your grandparents is always a good idea, for both yourself and for them. Do you still feel like you need a few reasons to reach out? Well, below are a few prompts for you to consider that might just twist your arm…

The Ultimate Storytellers

Contrary to popular belief, the elderly have plenty to offer conversationally. While it’s true dementia, memory loss, and other conditions set in as one gets older, they’re still full of stories to tell. Remember, they have an entire lifetime of experience under their belts. And maybe, they could pass some key wisdom and advice on to you.  

You should spend more time with your grandparents because, quite simply, they’re useful! After all, they literally won at life! They kept their health in good check, beat all their demons, and now are naturally coming towards the end of the road. They’ve clearly made good choices in life to make it this far, and many of their decisions will be exciting and bold too! Pick their brains!

To Share What’s Going On In Your Life

Sometimes, it’s just good to share with your grandparents what’s going on in your life. Being that you likely don’t see them on a regular basis, they will cherish every detail you share with them about your everyday life. It could be anything from how your job is going to your social life. They will really appreciate you taking the time out to talk to them.

Rising Loneliness

Many assume that elderly people are among the loneliest of people. Well, this is only half true. It was only in August that loneliness was reported to be on the rise in younger people too. So, having the company of your grandparents may not be a bad idea. Even if you think of yourself as a social magnet, there will be days where your phone doesn’t buzz, or you don’t get a knock on your door.

Rain or shine, healthy or ill, sad or happy, it doesn’t matter – your grandparents will always be utterly thrilled to see you. One-hour long visit could change their whole world for a week or so, especially if you’ve visited out of the blue. Show up with some mobility aid shoes from Mobility Solutions and let your folks know how important they are to you.

No Regrets

It’s a grim fact that everyone knows about, but it’s worth considering once again all the same. Your grandparents are most likely rather old, and frankly, they won’t be around forever. The window in which you can see them again could be very small. That’s why it’s important to pay your visits while they’re still around.

Drop in and say hello, because it’s really that easy to stave off lifelong regrets of not putting your time in with them. You don’t want to be left with having awful thoughts about whether they missed you or hoped you stopped by one day soon. It requires some tough mental gymnastics to break out of these thought patterns, so just pop in a visit as soon as you can.

Visiting the grandparents is often seen as a tedious and arduous ordeal, but there are many mutual benefits to seeing them. You can keep each other company, receive advice and wisdom from them, and essentially, tap into their long history too! Support and cherish the limited time you may have with them.

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