Why Chrissy Teigen Is The Most Relatable Celebrity Mom Ever

Chrissy Teigen is the annointed Queen of Twitter and the Mother of all Badass Mothers

Chrissy Teigen is the annointed Queen of Twitter and the Mother of all Badass Mothers. From pregnancy to her relationship with her husband, John Legend, to her thoughts on mac and cheese, she’s never been shy about sharing her opinions on social media. 

Run a background check on anyone in minutes


There may be hundreds of pictures of her online in exotic locations, but anyone who follows her on Twitter or Instagram knows that she’s a down-to-earth mama that we can all relate to.

Currently pregnant with her second child, Chrissy naturally tweeted in her “It’s okay, I’m tired too” tone of voice that all moms love. Yes, she probably also gets amazing massages and has a nutritionist on call, but at least we have proof that she also has a mac and cheese weakness. And she might even boil the water herself. Totally relatable!


Boxed Macaroni






Calling out photographers in her local supermarket! “I used to assume people who got photographed in grocery stores weren’t really buying stuff they like and were getting paid for something but turns out the paps actually come inside the grocery store and capture your most intimate grocery cart items this is a travesty.” QUEEN.

All hail this Queen Mom!


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