5 Ways To Make Money Without Ever Leaving Your Home!

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Are you a parent or college student looking to earn a little extra cash? Well, there are plenty of legit ways online you can make money from the comfort of your own home. I’ve listed five of those ways below.  

#1: Enter Online Giveaways

Who doesn’t love online giveaways and sweepstakes? There are many online money giveaways that you can enter every day. However, make sure they are legit and not a scam. One AWESOME giveaway we came across recently was the Swingtop Promotions win a $1000 Visa Gift Card Giveaway. They are choosing a winner this year on September 15th and December 15th.

#2: Sell Your Items Online

Kill two birds with one stone. Get rid of useless junk in your home while filling your wallet with $$$. You could sell your gadgets, bags, jewelry, furniture, and whatever else you find in your home. Then, you can spend that extra cash on stuff you actually care about (I love shopping on Rocket Deals)! The best places to sell your items are eBay, Letgo, Decluttr, and Facebook Marketplace.

#3: Rent A Room

Do you have an apartment or house with an extra room? Instead of wasting the space, rent it out. There are plenty of sites you can use including Airbnb, SpareRoom, and EasyRoomate. However, make sure you’re prepared for the work that comes with renting out a room and having a new housemate. This includes running a sex offender search to make sure the potential tenant isn’t a threat. 

#4: Shop Online

Let’s go online shopping! Yes, you can actually make money online shopping. How? By using Ebates. It’s a free membership loyalty program that connects consumers with major brands like Walmart, Macy’s, Marriott, and Weight Watchers. All you have to do is shop at your favorite stores through Ebates, get cash back on your orders, and get paid via check or Paypal.

#5: Play Games, Take Surveys, and Watch Videos & TV

With InboxDollars, you can earn money by playing games, taking surveys, watching videos and tv, and using offers. Companies pay InboxDollars to find consumers who can provide input. Then, the consumers participate in activities through the site and when completed, earn cash.  

Whether you’re looking to earn a living at home or get some extra cash for a vacation, these 5 ways will help you make money. Looking for more ways to save money? Here are 3 ways to save money on the internet.

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