4 Ways To Be More Confident In Bed

confident in bed

It’s only natural to feel insecure during sex. Everyone feels that way sometimes and it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. However, you should always strive to find ways to be more confident in bed. This is because your unease will show through when it comes down to the actual deed. When one person in a relationship is feeling insecure, the other person will suffer as well and neither of you will have a good time.

To build your confidence, here are 4 sure-fire tips for being more sexually confident in bed:

1. Treat Yourself

confident in bed
Make sure you schedule “me time” into your daily routine.

Your body is a temple. Treat it like one. The better you feel about yourself and your appearance, the more confident you’ll be in your sexual prowess. Look good to feel good. So hit the gym, start doing sit-ups, or even treat yourself to a nice spa day or shopping trip for some new lingerie. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the store personnel. They’re there to help you feel sexy and confident in your purchase. 

2. Fake It ‘Til You Make It

No, I don’t mean orgasms. You should never have to fake those. I mean it! What you’re faking instead is your actual confidence. The more you pretend to believe it, the more you’ll actually start believing in yourself! If you act like you’re the sexiest woman in the world and repeat to yourself positive sexual mantras, they’ll become reality. I promise.

3. Communicate

confident in bed
Clear communication will help you feel comfortable with your partner.

Talk to your partner about how you feel. Perhaps they can clear up any misconceptions you may have about your sexual experiences together. At the very least, he or she can help convince you that you are sexy and give you tips for making sex better for the both of you. If you’re comfortable with each other (which you should be, in an intimate relationship ), confidence will come easily. If your partner isn’t willing to help you, you may need relationship advice of a different sort.

4. Practice

Practice makes perfect! It’s true. If you’re worried about your oral sex abilities, practice until you feel more comfortable. If there’s a position you struggle with or find that you enjoy but can’t find the stamina to endure for a long time, practice! Build up the muscles you need to maintain the position, stretch for added flexibility, train your body to do what you want it to do. Once you’re comfortable with what you’re doing, your confidence will soar.


In a sexual relationship, confidence is key. A confident partner is a sexy partner. You should both strive to find the tools necessary for spicing things up in the bedroom because there’s nothing more important in a relationship than communication and a healthy sex life. Really.

Follow these tips and your relationship will be better than ever! You are smart, you are sexy, you are confident, and you can do this! Never give up.

xx Amelia, Relationship Expert

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