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3 Ways The Internet Can Help You Save Money

Ways The Internet Can Help You Save Moneyoney

Tax season is here again. And if you’re like most people, you’re telling yourself, “Next year I’ll save more money. Next year. I’ll find a better paying job down the road. Yeah, I couldn’t pull it off, but next year I’ll be better.”

Sound familiar?

Learning to budget and save money is one of the harshest lessons of adulting. There are millions of people out there who never learned how to save money, and now find themselves in huge amounts of debt. Others have opted to use credit cards at every turn, and never paid attention to their spending. There’s also never enough people saving up for retirement.

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Ways The Internet Can Help You Save Money
Too many people are drowning in credit card debt.


Trying to save money is a scary and daunting task, but there’s good news: technology has given us multiple tools to save money, if you’re willing to put in time and effort to learn. There is a whole world of apps and sites available to help you save money, keep track of your finances, and help you make better purchasing decisions.

Some people just need to keep a better eye on their spending. Others, who have more of a Type A personality, need a practical tool that they can use to help manage how much they’re spending versus how much they’re making. What’s coming in? What’s going out? Sounds so simple, right? Even the smartest people struggle with this concept every day.


Here Are 3 Ways The Internet Can Help You Save Money:


Use A Budgeting App

Need a practical tool that you can use to help you keep track of how much money you’re spending? Financial apps like Mint are an excellent tool. You’re able to link your bank account to track your spending in real-time, as well as set up budgets for things such as gas, shopping, and groceries. You can also stay on top of how much you’ve spent each month. This is a great app out for people who absolutely need to stay on a budget.


Sell Old Items

Whether it’s electronics or old household goods, another great way to save money is by performing a “stuff cleanse” and ditching what’s no longer loved or needed. Seriously, be like Elsa and let it go! You won’t believe how much stuff you accumulate that you no longer need or want. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? What’s no longer important to you could be gold to your neighbor or friend.

Great apps for selling include craigslist, eBay, and 5 Miles. 5 Miles is great because there is no fee, unlike eBay. It lets the user collect locally and perform a transaction in person, so you can exchange goods immediately. Remember – the best way to avoid getting scammed on these sites is to run a person search on any sellers and buyers you plan to meet up with.


Check Out Online Shopping Deals

We’re all guilty of this: we buy something at a store and willingly hand over our email address. Now you’re inundated with promotional emails, including the one from that small, quirky boutique where you picked up ONE vanilla-scented candle!

Instead of immediately hitting “delete all” on all those emails, take a few minutes to see if there are any online deals. Retailers will sometimes give deeper discounts to their online shoppers, or will discount online prices on different days from sales in brick-and-mortar stores. So if you MUST shop, take advantage of every online discount that’s out there.


Keep these three simple tips in mind if you want to stick to your budget, and maybe next tax season you’ll be happily surprised by the amount you were able to save!


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