Twitter Has More Than Just a Tweet Limit Now

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Twitter started off as a simple messaging service designed to give social media users a fast and easy way to update their status right from their phone. The concept of “tweeting” immediately took off. Now, Twitter is a multi-billion dollar company used by millions of people around the world every single day.

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People from the likes of Drake, Ryan Reynolds, and even Donald Trump have their own Twitter accounts, with millions of followers apiece. Twitter has become a top social media outlet for anyone looking to stay current on the latest news in fashion, politics, sports, celebrities, and much more.

Curbing The Twitter Trolls

In a world where abuse is all too common, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is doing his part to prevent it. In the last few days, Twitter has allowed users to “mute” accounts they don’t want to see Tweets from. They can also “mute” keywords, phrases and even entire conversations in their feed and notifications.

This is all in an attempt to stop abuse for all Twitter users. Not only can celebrities be harassed, but so can the everyday high school teenager who may not fit in.

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You Can Never Be Too Safe

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