Why You Should Try Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga

The bringing together of two people to work as one, is what partner yoga is all about. In this yoga practice you work on supporting your partner and strengthening your bond, as well as your bodies. For many people who have taken yoga, you know how mentally relaxing it can be as an individual. Think about all of the benefits it can add to your friendships and relationships when practicing yoga with a partner. Partner yoga is a place to let go and relax, it is no place to be worried or have negative feelings. Here are some benefits of practicing yoga with a partner:

Partner Yoga
There are many benefits to practicing yoga with a partner.

Benefits Of Partner Yoga

  1. Lowers stress and anxiety
  2. Enhances your practice
  3. Builds intimacy within a relationship
  4. Brings people closer together
  5. Keeps you active
  6. You’re not in it alone
  7. Allows for fun, playing and laughter
  8. Takes you away from the seriousness of life

Yoga Poses For Partners

Partner Yoga
Couples can strengthen their bodies, as well as their relationships.

Just like in traditional yoga, there are many poses you can do with a partner. For example, downward dog is a great pose to practice in individual yoga, as well as with a partner. With a partner, this pose becomes “double-down dog.” Almost all of the poses you learned in traditional yoga can have a twist added to them making them the perfect partner poses. This may pose a little more of a challenge (no pun intended), but once you and your partner nail the pose it will be cause for celebration. It can be a lot more fun to work with someone to achieve a goal, rather than alone. Partners can push you to keep working and motivate you not to give up. From my experience with yoga, I know how easy it is to give up on a pose that seems impossible to conquer. On the other hand, having a partner makes it much harder to give up. Practicing yoga with a partner makes for a better workout, and a better attitude towards yoga as well.Here are some poses you can try with a partner:

6 Poses To Try With Your Partner

  • Partner breathing exercises
  • Partner Stretching
  • Forward Fold
  • Double-downward dog
  • Twin Trees
  • Buddy Boat
  • Square Pose

Some of these poses are harder than others. If you are just starting out, I suggest starting with partner breathing, stretching and the forward fold. Once you and your partner begin to become more comfortable, try out double-down dog and twin trees. If you are feeling more advanced see if you can conquer the buddy boat pose, as well as the square pose. These may cause a good laugh between you and your partner.

Partner Yoga
You can practice partner stretching anywhere, anytime.

Not In A Relationship?

If you are not in a relationship, that does not mean you can not take part in partner yoga. Although practicing yoga with a partner has many proven benefits for couples intimacy and relationships, this practice can be done with friends, or anyone else you would like. This yoga practice can be a fun way for you and your friend to stay healthy together, or for you to meet someone completely new.

Finding A Partner

Partner Yoga
Try meeting someone new, who also enjoys yoga.

If you go in the direction of meeting someone new, this can be very beneficial to you. You won’t only meet someone new, but you will be able to work on gaining a different perspective on yoga. My recommendation, if you do choose to partner with someone you may have just met, is to run a background check on them before practicing outside of the studio.This will allow you to get a sense of who the person is outside of yoga and keep you safe in your practice.

Why You Should Try Adding A Partner

Practicing yoga alone is extremely beneficial, but when you add a partner to your practice the benefits grow tremendously. Adding a partner to your yoga practice creates a more fun and creative atmosphere. You will not only be clearing your mind, relaxing, and staying fit, you will also be having fun, working together and testing your abilities further then you thought you could alone. 

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