5 Trendy Travel Destinations for 2017

Summer’s coming, so if you have an itch to get away, check out these five trendy travel destinations and start packing!

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There’s no shortage of things to do and see in this bustling city. From Sensō-ji (Tokyo’s largest ancient Buddhist temple) to Tsukiji Market (the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world) to Kabukichō (a red light district known for its “hostess bars”), Tokyo has it all, for every taste.

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The Painted Hills of Oregon

As a visitor to the beautiful Pacific Northwest region, you can see millions of years of history in the layers of mountains of earth, one color at a time. These beautiful hills get their name from the delicately colored stratifications in the soil. The yellows, golds, blacks, and reds of the Painted Hills are best seen in the late afternoon.

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Are you a true globetrotter and think of travel as the ultimate adventure? Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest, and driest continent on Earth. Antartica has no residents, so everyone who goes there is a visitor. The best conditions for visiting the Antarctic Peninsula occur between mid-November and early March, and most visitors reach Antarctica by ship. This trip is definitely “cross it off your bucket list” worthy.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is small on size but large on excitement, and it definitely boasts a unique and storied history. There’s something to love for everyone who loves to travel. The shopping, tours, world-class dining, and a robust music scene make Belfast a truly awesome place to visit.


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The British island territory has always been a desirable destination because of its close proximity to the Northeast coast. Once called The Isle of Devils, Bermuda is home to Instagram-worthy pink sand beaches and an exciting pirate history.

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Book your tickets now and prep your Instagram feed for amazing pics at any of these travel destinations! But with strange Uber drivers, foreign Airbnb stays, and cool but unknown local recommendations, you need to always stay safe and protect yourself.


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5 Trendy Travel Destinations for 2017
Summer’s coming, so if you have an itch to get away, check out these five trendy travel destinations and start packing!
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