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12 Trending Holiday Nail Colors & Designs

holiday nail colors

It’s the holiday season, and one way to get into the festive mood and counter the winter gloom is by getting your holiday nails done! ‘Tis the season to finally try those red and green winter nail ideas and Christmas nail designs that you’ve been seeing. Have your nail artist do those Christmas tree and candy cane nail art ideas. You can also mix and match Christmas colors and the best holiday colors for fun, classic, or bold holiday nails. Of course, you could always go for the classic nail lacquers or your go-to topcoats and add your unique twist to suit the festive spirit.

Whether you’re thinking about sticking to the simple and classic using your favorite Chanel, OPI, Olive & June, or any other favorite nail polish brand; or you’re thinking of going bold with head-turning colors and attention-grabbing patterns, here are some great designs and nail color ideas for you to try out.

Classic French Manicure

You can never go wrong with the timeless and elegant French manicure. You can wear it to holiday parties or just about anywhere. Use a nude or pink base coat then put on that signature white stripe along the top of the nail. Try the Orly French Manicure in Sheer Nude and in White Tips to make the perfect French manicure. You can also go for variations of this traditional style such as what’s being called the French revolution or the deep French.

Geometric Nails

Geometric shapes make for a modern, creative, and edgy look. You can opt to have a different shape on every nail or keep the pattern uniform for every nail. You can also have geometric shapes or patterns on alternating nails or just one focal nail. This is a great style to do using one of the most classic pairings – black and white nail polish colors. This combination is great for all skin tones and nail shapes. Try this out using Modelones’ The Pure and Coco Black

Red for the Holidays

paint the tinsletown opi

Red is a holiday staple color and a classic favorite for various kinds of looks. You can opt for deep or classic reds or the more shimmery kind. Or get the Poinsettia set of 6 from Beetles; you can also try OPI’s Paint the Tinseltown Red which is a perfect way to complete your holiday look. Mix things up and use red nail polish for fun prints and patterns. Do a red gingham pattern using a red polish with your staple black or white polish. 

Holiday Blues

holiday party blues by harmony gelish

Put a new meaning to holiday blues with your choice of nail polish. Deep shades of blue are great for the winter season. You can also opt for more vibrant shades of blue for an elegant and fun look. Blue can also be a great base coat for various holiday pattern trends or pair it with a touch of silver and sparkles for a luxurious feel. Check out Holiday Party Blues by Harmony Gelish and Ring in the Blue Year by OPI for your holiday blue shades.

Going Green

stay off the lawn opi

The festive season is perfect for green nail polish. Dark green is a great choice for its versatility- opt for a solid shade or add subtle line arts or some sparkles. You can also pair it with gold or silver. Emerald green is a rich and luxurious shade that’s also perfect for the season. Go green for the holidays with OPI’s Stay Off the Lawn or have a wider selection with an Evergreen set from Beetles.

A Touch of Gold


What better time to use gold nail polish than the holiday season? Use a muted gold polish or an eye-catching shimmery gold. Opt for solid shade on all your nails or use it for a feature nail. Try out the metallic This Gold Sleighs Me or the shimmery Glitzerland from OPI.

Holographic Holiday Nails

holographic nail colors

Holographic nails are fun and shiny holiday options. It is effortlessly chic – pair it with solid or neutral shades, or use it on all your nails. Holographic nails are also highly versatile and work with all colors. It’s asimple way to inject some cheer even when you’re just lounging at home or doing some work like going through email addresses on your contacts. Check out the Ambrosia and Luna from Cirque Colors.

Make It Vibrant

vibrant nail colors

Vibrant nails are the perfect way to combat holiday blues. Go for bold and bright nail art by mixing bright-colored based coats with interesting nail art. You can use the Color Room from Beetles for this. You can also go vibrant by choosing rich shades like OPI’s Don’t Provoke The Plum that may be more subtle yet attention-grabbing nonetheless. 

Snowflakes on Your Nails

Show your love for the season with a snowflake design. You can go for a white, nude, or light pink base coat. Try out Nancy Nude from the Beetles Winter Nails line then add white snowflake stickers for a chic look. Another twist to the snowflake look is by going for a black base for a bolder yet still sophisticated look. For this, you want to use the Audrey Black from the Beetles Industrial Wave line then top it with a white or silvery snowflake design.


glitter nail designs

Glitter nails are yet another fun perfect addition to your holiday manicure. You can use it on a feature nail, over your favorite holiday polish shade, or to bring those nail arts to life. Some may have reservations about wearing glitters on their nails but it’s really all about how you wear it. Give the Modelone’s Christmas Glitter Kit or the Beetles Glitter Jam set a try.

Metallic Nails

metallic nail colors

Looking for eye-catching nails especially when in the right light? Metallic nails are a sure way to do that. For the winter season, dark metallic shades will give off that more classic winter feel. Experiment with the metallic look you want using Modelone’s Full Metal and OPI’s Shine Bright Collection.

Mix and Match

The beauty of getting your nails done for the holidays is you can opt for a subtle design or go all-out. It’s all about mixing textures and playing with finishes. Mix matte polish with high gloss ones. Use stick-on decals and crystal accents. Opt for subtle patterns or bold nail arts – you can even do 3D designs. It’s all about exuding that festive feel according to your personal style. Start your nail polish journey with the Palette Set from Modelone and the You Had Me at Confetti from OPI.

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