Top 4 Steps To Take Before Hiring A New Employee

Top 4 Steps To Take Before Hiring A New Employee | Hero Searches Grapevine

A new position has opened and your company is thinking about hiring a new employee. The applications are piling in and the applicants are lining up, but you and HR have your sights set on one candidate.

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Wondering what to do before extending that top candidate the job offer?


Here are the top 4 steps you need to take before hiring a new employee:




1. Review their LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts.

LinkedIn is a great resource for employers to find employees, and vice versa. It serves as a professional networking platform and a digital resumé for job seekers. Review this social profile as a way to double check an applicant’s credentials and qualifications listed on their CV.


2. Meet them in person.

You can only learn so much about someone through phone or email correspondence. Make sure to invite your applicant(s) into the office to see how well they personally interact with you and your team.


3. Utilize an employment verification service.

Before inviting any new staff member onboard, verify the authenticity of their work history. You can do this either by running their name through a people directory that will show their past employers or by utilizing a full-service employment check software (but the former will be much cheaper and equally effective).


4. Conduct a complete background screening.

Trusting a stranger to handle your business can be scary. Check if they’re eligible to work in the state or country in which your company is located, but you’ll also need to look into their past, including any criminal history, jail records, etc.


These are the four most essential steps that all employers should take before hiring any new team members for their company office.


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