This Is How A Fidget Spinner Can Prevent Bad Behavior & Future Jail Records

jail records

If you have a school age child, you’re up on all the kid trends, like Pokemon Go in 2016, water bottle flipping, the Pie Face game and of course, fidget spinners. And as soon as you blink an eye, fidget spinners will be SO last year.

Before you dismiss this seemingly silly and innocuous toy completely, consider this: fidget spinners can actually prevent your child from having jail records or other problems in the future.

How? See the pros of spinning below!


jail records

Think about it: less screen time is always a blessing for parents. A real reverse phone lookup or the best people search can prevent unwanted communication on your teenager’s cell phone, and a simple toy like a fidget spinner can keep your child safe, and will serve as a reminder of what real “playing” is all about. When kids know how to play and not fall prey to strangers online, trouble is limited. Knowing how to play (and in this case, spin) is an important factor to healthy social skills.

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