DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts & Crafts For Kids That Are Super Easy!

DIY Valentine's Day gifts

It’s February! The month of all things red, hearts, and if you’re a mom, a last-minute mad dash to the store on February 13th at 8 p.m. to get a classroom’s worth of valentines to send your child to school with (I’m that mom). This year, for my sanity, and yours, I’ve compiled the easiest and cutest kid’s Valentine’s Day crafts that a busy mom can pull off.

Rest assured ladies, all ideas have been pulled from the Mother’s Bible: Pinterest.

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1. Edible Valentines

Most schools have banned homemade food items, but some will allow packaged candies for children to take home. Here are some adorable ideas.

2. Put A Ring On It

A lady’s love of giant rings starts young. Print out these free cards from and dazzle those little darlings. Little boys love Ring Pops too!

DIY Valentine's Day gifts

Time: 15 minutes

Cost: $10

  • $7 for the party pack of Ring Pops
  • $3 for card stock/staples

3. The Color Of Friendship

Not a fan of sticky finger rings? Try this Skittles card, downloadable at

DIY Valentine's Day gifts

Time: 15 minutes

Cost: $11

  • $8 for the party pack of Skittles
  • $3 for card stock/staples

4. Love Bug

If you want to skip the candy altogether, red Jello singles, or fruit cups, make little bug bodies for perfect kid’s valentines. Learn how to do this DIY kid’s Valentine by clicking here.

DIY Valentine's Day gifts

Time: 20 minutes

Cost: $23.50

  • $15 for the jello/fruit cups
  • $2 package of 101 googly eyes
  • $2 package of 100 pipe cleaners
  • $4.50 package of sticky felt hearts for feet & antennae

5. Graphite Gift

Any parent with grade school children will tell you that the only thing that disappears quicker in the house than pencils is food and money. That’s why I love Cupid’s Pencil. It’s cute, quick and easy. And if you’re feeling super productive, you can put the names of your child’s classmates on the pencils or hearts.

DIY Valentine's Day gifts

Time: 15/25 minutes

Cost: $23.50

  • $4.50 package of sticky felt hearts
  • $3 for black felt for arrows
  • $8 package of pre-sharpened pencils

6. Fox Friends

Foxes are one of those animals that just about everybody loves! And luckily, they’re easy to make into kid’s valentines. You can personalize them for each child, too. Visit HERE to check out how to make these adorable kid’s Valentines.

DIY Valentine's Day gifts

Time: 30 minutes

Cost: $18.50

  • $9 package of craft foam hearts
  • $4.50 package of sticky felt hearts
  • $5 for white, red, pink, and black felt for ears, noses, mouths, and bows


And that’s it! Even if you’re rushing around at the last minute, you should be able to finish any of these kids Valentine’s Day crafts in no time. Plus, they’re pretty fun (and almost even relaxing!) to put together. What other creative Valentine’s Day ideas have you come up with?

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