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The 36 Best Christmas Movies On Netflix You Have To Watch!

Best Christmas Movies On Netflix You Have To Watch

Christmas is one of the rarest seasons where all members of the family and some close friends gather in one place, celebrating and spending some quality time together. Aside from catching up, most people are looking forward to the holidays because of the traditional Christmas presents and Christmas dishes, as well as some holiday-specific activities or traditions. 

Putting up the year’s best Christmas films on the home’s big screen during the holidays isn’t a new thing. Be sure to spice up your Christmas with your family by watching some great Netflix movies. Choose from our list below, put on the best movie on Netflix, and let Netflix help you create the best new Christmas memories with your family.

1. White Christmas

Although Netflix lacks many popular Christmas classics, it does have White Christmas. This 1954 film features several amazing musical numbers, including a performance of “White Christmas” by none other than Bing Crosby.

View White Christmas On Netflix

2. A Christmas Prince Trilogy

A Christmas Prince, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Family. This romantic film tells the tale of an aspiring journalist Amber (Rose McIver), who goes undercover to get the inside scoop on the Aldovia King-To-Be, Prince Richard (Ben Lamb). As you probably already guessed, Richard and Amber get married in the second movie and have a child in the third. If you want a cheesy, romantic, and light-hearted movie series to watch, this would be great for you! 

View A Christmas Prince, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby On Netflix.

3. Klaus

Klaus is an original Netflix animated film that came out in 2019. A selfish postman, Jesper, is sent to Smeerensburg and has to get 6,00 letters sent within the year. He found that the only way he can accomplish that goal is to get kids to send Klaus, a local toymaker, letters about what they would like as a gift. Does Jesper get over his selfishness? Watch to find out! 

View Klaus On Netflix

4. Holidate

Holidate is one of the newest Netflix original holiday films (for adults only as it is rated MA). Two singles, played by Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, are sick of being single during the holidays. So, they decide to be each other’s “holidate” for the entire year. Along the way, as typically rom-coms do, they start to develop real feelings for one another. 

View Holidate On Netflix

5. The Holiday Calendar

Abby is a struggling photographer who sees no way out of her dead-end job. This is until she is given her Grandma’s antique advent calendar, which can predict the future. Will these predictions help her turnaround career and love life, or just get her in the giving spirit? 

View The Holiday Calendar On Netflix

6. A Knight Before Christmas

High School teacher, Brooke, dreams of a prince sweeping her off her feet. She starts to stop believing in her fantasy until a Knight from the 14th-century, Sir Cole, is magically transported to the present day to complete his quest.

View A Knight Before Christmas On Netflix

7. Holiday In The Wild

This Netflix Original holiday movie stars Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis. After Kate’s son goes away to college, her husband abruptly ends their marriage. She had already planned their second honeymoon to Africa and takes the trip by herself. While there, she finds purpose in a local elephant conservation center, and possibly love with a local conservationist, Derek. 

View Holiday In The Wild On Netflix

8. Let It Snow

A snowstorm hits a small town in the middle of nowhere. On Christmas Eve, a group of high school seniors enjoy the moment and think about their friendships, love life, and future. This movie stars Kiernan Shipka, known for playing Sabrina in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. 

View Let It Snow On Netflix

9. Elliot the Littlest Reindeer

Need a movie that your whole family can watch? Well, this is a great option! Blitzen has officially retired as a reindeer. Elliot, a miniature horse, has the dream of becoming one of Santa’s reindeer. However, he faces many obstacles along the way including the other reindeer and making it through the North Pole try-outs. 

View Elliot the Littlest Reindeer On Netflix

10. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

A modern Cinderella story meets Christmas. Kat Emerson is an aspiring singer-songwriter who is a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters. She works at the local Santa Land to save money up for her future. Then comes a mysterious new and handsome Santa, who captures her heart. Will she fall in love and follow her dreams, or serve her stepmother forever?

View A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish On Netflix

11. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a great musical movie the whole family will enjoy! The film follows the story of toymaker, Jeronicus, after his inventions are stolen by his apprentice Gustafson. When Jeronicus is older (played by Forest Whitaker), he receives a surprise visit from his granddaughter Journey, who helps him find hope and inspiration again. 

View Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey On Netflix

12. Holiday Rush

Life seemed perfect for the popular radio DJ, Rush, and his family as the holiday season rolled around. Until he suddenly gets let go from the radio station. Now, they must all uproot their life, move into their old home, and Rush must come up with a plan to make a new living. 

View Holiday Rush On Netflix

13. Santa Girl

Cassie Claus’s, daughter of Santa Claus, life is all set up for her. She is to take over the family business and marry Jack Frost Jr. However, Cassie has other plans. Before committing to her family obligations, she is allowed to go to college and experience what being a human is like in the real world. Will she follow the path set for her or choose a path of her own?

View Santa Girl On Netflix

14. Christmas Break-In

As normal, Izzy, an energetic 9-year-old, is stranded at school before Christmas Break because her parents forgot to pick her up. As three robbers infiltrate the school and hold the janitor hostage, Izzy tries the save the janitor. This movie definitely gives me some Home Alone vibes. 

View Christmas Break-In On Netflix

15. Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop is based on a true event that happens every year. Operation Christmas Drop, which has been going on since 1952, where bundles of supplies are parachuted down to 50 islands throughout the Pacific. In the movie, political aide Erica is sent to Guam to review the base and their operation to determine if the base should shut down. Guided by Air Force pilot Andrew, she learns the amazing impact of ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ and develops feelings for Andrew along the way. 

View Operation Christmas Drop On Netflix

16. Trolls Holiday

The creators of Shrek bring to you, Trolls Holiday on Netflix. Poppy, Branch, and the Snack Pack try to bring “Holla Days” to the Bergens in Bergen Town. This special stars original Trolls stars Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake.

View Trolls Holiday On Netflix

17. The Princess Switch

This Netflix original movie stars Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, and Nick Sagar. Stacy De Novo, a baker, goes to Belgravia to compete in a Christmas Baking Competition. There, she finds out she looks exactly like Lady Margaret, and they switch places for the holidays. This film is being raved about as one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

View The Princess Switch On Netflix

18. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Stacy and Margaret return in The Princess Switch: Switched Again. After Margaret and Kevin hit a rough patch, they decide to switch again so Margaret can spend time with Kevin before she becomes Queen of Montenaro. However, their plans are in jeopardy when Lady Fiona (who looks like them both) decides she wants to pull a switch to become Queen. 

View The Princess Switch: Switch Again On Netflix

19. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star 

Are you up for another playful and fun switching? Once again, join Margaret, Stacy, and Fiona, in taking each other’s places to accomplish one goal – finding the stolen priceless relic. The iconic Christmas star was stolen from the palace under Margaret’s watch. And now, they have to spend their holidays searching for it. While on this journey, Margaret and Kevin try to rekindle their relationship; on the other hand, Fiona has to reach out to her ex for help.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star is the newest part of a movie series that has been initially launched in 2018. Though a bit predictable, the overall comforting plots and light energy enables it to still qualify for the list of best Christmas movies.

View The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star On Netflix

20. The Christmas Chronicles

This is the role Kurt Russell was born to play, Santa Claus. In this Netflix film, brother and sister Teddy and Kate accidentally cause Santa’s sleigh to crash as a result of them trying to get proof he really exists. They go on a wild adventure to try to save Christmas and make sure everyone gets their presents.

View The Christmas Chronicles On Netflix

21. The Christmas Chronicles 2

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn return in The Christmas Chronicles 2. Kate and Jack are tossed into a wormhole while on vacation with their family that sent them to the North Pole. However, the naughty Belsnickel decides to steal the Christmas Star to ruin Christmas forever. Kate, Jack, and Santa go on a wild adventure to retrieve the star back and stop Belsnickel. 

View The Christmas Chronicles 2 On Netflix

22. Christmas Inheritance

Ellen wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and become the CEO of his company. However, after some very public mishaps, her father tests her to see if she is up for the job. He asks her to deliver the Christmas letters to Uncle Zeke in Snow Falls. He only gives her $100 for her trip so she can understand hard work and the spirit his company was built on. 

View Christmas Inheritance On Netflix

23. A Very Murray Christmas

Scrooged, starring Bill Murray, has become something of a cult Christmas classic over the years. Even though it’s not available on Netflix, A Very Murray Christmas is! It’s a musical comedy that not only includes Bill Murray, but many other stars such as George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Amy Poehler, and Chris Rock.

View A Very Murray Christmas On Netflix

24. A Boy Called Christmas

Are you up for a magical, adventurous, and nostalgic story in the form of a comic animated film? In this year’s holidays, join Nikolas and his loyal pet mouse in their journey to the snowy north on their quest to find Nikolas’ father and the fabled Elfhelm, a village of the elves. Prepare to be moved by the unwavering hope and belief of Nikolas that nothing is impossible if only you fully open your heart to whatever it is. Witness how this little boy with a big faith rekindles the dreamer and the believer within each individual from their village, enough to make them all see the essence and appreciate the beauty of Christmas. 

A Boy Called Christmas is a light, playful, and heartfelt film. Indeed, it qualifies to be part of this year’s best Netflix movies due to its exciting storyline, star-studded casting, sumptuous visual effects, and well-thought-of details. It’s warm but not too sugary; cozy but not too cheesy. It’s a Netflix holiday movie that suits all ages.

View A Boy Called Christmas On Netflix

25. A California Christmas

Do love story plot twists from career-related dilemmas excite you? Join Joseph on his supposedly yet another business trip turned into a major life turning point. Amid his carefree wealthy bachelor lifestyle, he’s offered a chance to prove his worth of being their family business heir. He, however, has to convince the owner of a ranch in a wine country to sell their lands to them within the remaining few days before Christmas. Witness how the universe turntables when Joseph arrived at Callie’s place at the wrong time, forcing him to act as a farmboy throughout the holidays and eventually fall for each other.

A California Christmas is a quite wholesome romance movie that could be suitable for young audiences at least 13 years old. The holiday wine country setting significantly adds up to the heartfelt and sentimental theme of the film. While kind of predictable, this melodrama is one of those easy-watch Christmas movies you shouldn’t skip.

View A California Christmas On Netflix

26. A California Christmas: City of Lights

Are you a fan of binge-watching series movies on Netflix during holidays? Continue to be thrilled by the love story of Joseph and Callie that merely started with a malicious intention and a misunderstanding. Since he first set foot on the farm last Christmas, Joseph found himself building a whole different life. Still in euphoria from the twists of events last holidays, they’re both living the best days of their lives, especially after Joseph proposed to Callie. The intimate world of the dairy farm and winery that they’ve created was shaken when Joseph was summoned back to the city with the threat of their family business collapsing into rubble.

A California Christmas: City of Lights is a sequel of A California Christmas that’s been specifically created for Netflix. If you’re looking into falling in love all over again without much pressure or complications, this straightforward but feel-good sentimental movie is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

View A California Christmas: City Lights On Netflix

27. A Castle For Christmas

Do you need a holiday movie that has a well-balanced taste of adventure, romance, comedy, culture, and passion? Join Sophie as she tries to rebuild herself after writing her most recent novel that flopped when she decided to kill off a beloved character. Being a blessing in disguise, she flew to Scotland to finally visit the castle her father has always been referring to in his stories. There she met Myles, the castle owner, who tried to discourage Sophie from buying the place. Both of them are decisive about what they want – for Myles, to keep the castle and for Sophie, to buy it – so they agreed to live together until Christmas to see who wins.

A Castle For Christmas is your typical rom-com movie that’s quite predictable yet is still charming in its unique ways. Perhaps the flirtatious middle-aged casting and the Christmas in Scotland setting have all made this a must-watch holiday Netflix movie.

View A Castle For Christmas On Netflix

28. Christmas Catch

Are you looking for a real-life adventure with a hint of romance in the holiday season? Witness how Mack balances her thriving career as a detective and her failing dating life. Until some twist of fate, a Christmas holiday case was assigned to Mack where apparently, Carson whom she recently met and has a crush on is the main suspect for a diamond heist. Left with no choice, Mack spends her Christmas with her partner Reid, tracking Carson’s whereabouts. See if Carson is, indeed, the brains behind the heist and it’s yet another failed dating for Mack, or Mack is right about Carson being framed up and it’s finally a happily-ever-after love story for her.

Christmas Catch is one of the best Netflix movies you can binge-watch this Christmas. It’s a fun and exciting movie.

View A Christmas Catch On Netflix

29. Christmas In The Heartland

Don’t you mind throwing in a not really new/recent holiday-themed movie on this year’s Christmas celebration? Join Kara and Jessie with their idea of a “fun and merry mix-up” to add some plot twists to their holidays. They’ve both been forced to fly to a small town to see relatives they haven’t met before. Right there and then, in the airplane, they agreed to switch places. Jessie meets Kara’s lavishly rich grandparents while Kara meets Jessie’s quirky and modest family. See how far their pretending would bring them. 

Christmas In The Heartland was released in the holidays of 2017 yet remains one of the most-watched family Christmas movies.  

View Christmas In The Heartland On Netflix

30. Christmas With A Prince

Are you up for another not newly released holiday movie? Let this Christmas romance movie with a generous royal flourish make you believe in the possibility of two different worlds merging in the name of love. While Tasha is doing her usual pediatrician routines, she’s been forced to attend to Alexander, the crown prince who broke his leg on a nearby ski slope. Witness how this royal playboy sweeps a regular woman off her feet with his charming carefree characteristics. Neither of them expected to spend their Christmas falling for someone from a world different from where they live in.

Christmas With A Prince may be a bit straightforward and predictable but it can still make you fall in love this Christmas season. Not maybe the best or most lavish royal romance film on Netflix, but it’s still worth your time.

View Christmas With A Prince On Netflix

31. Dash & Lily

Do you feel like playing a short Netflix Christmas series during this year’s holidays? Lily’s unique taste for adventure in finding love on Christmas – after being left hanging alone by her own family during the holidays – would surely be a great watch. Join Dash and Lily on their exchanges of dares and secrets through a red notebook planted in different places within New York City.

Dash & Lily may be an understated 8-episode movie, but this youth romance could be a great addition to your list of to-watch Christmas holiday films.

View Dash & Lily On Netflix

32. David and the Elves

Are you looking for a Christmas movie that’s a well-blend of real-life dilemmas and non-existent-world fantasies? Join Albert – one of Santa Claus’s overworked elves – as he comforts David, a young boy whose parents are struggling to give him the spirit of Christmas in this year’s holidays after moving into the big city. See if they both get to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas as they embark on a journey to the magical Tatra Mountains.

David and the Elves is a feel-good and heartfelt movie with splashes of comedy and adventure. This Netflix movie is best watched with children and family. 

View David and the Elves On Netflix

33. Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square

Do you think a holiday musical film can pump up your Christmas celebration with your family? Prepare to be annoyed and frustrated by the selfish intentions and actions of Regina, a cold-blooded woman who returned to her hometown just to evict the residents from their own homes of several years in order to sell the lands to a mall developer. See if the Angel succeeds in trying to make Regina change for the better at least before she evicts the people on Christmas eve. 

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square is a musical family movie that’s perfect for the holidays. The overall attack and visuals are campy and sumptuous so you’ll surely have a great time watching it.

View Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square on Netflix

34. Father Christmas is Back

Are you ready for a Netflix movie showcasing a dysfunctional family trying so hard to have a decent celebration of the holidays? Join the Christmas family sisters – Caroline, Joanna, Vicky, Paulina, – and their mom Elizabeth as they all reunite for the holidays in their ancestral manor. All they ever wanted was to reclaim and rebuild the essence of Christmas after it was ruined when their father James left them on Christmas day 27 years ago. Watch out if there will ever be a silver lining amidst all the mess and chaos.

Father Christmas is Back is a family-focused film showing some bitter realities of growing up in a broken family. It’s a good watch as it’s packed with several moral lessons while still being fun and entertaining.

View Father Christmas is Back On Netflix

35. Single All The Way

Do you not mind watching an LGBTQ-themed movie with your family for the holidays? Rooted from his fear of once again being judged for still being single, Peter asks his best friend Nick to pretend as his boyfriend for Christmas. Despite their claims of being in a relationship together though, Peter’s mom still arranges a blind date for him, and this is where everything starts to go awry. See if their realizations about their real feelings would trigger them to still choose friendship or take the risk of making their in-a-relationship status a reality.

Single All The Way is a sharply written and brilliantly created rom-com about love, friendship, and family. This is an easy-watch and must-watch Christmas Netflix movie for this year’s holiday season.

View Single All The Way On Netflix

36. The Claus Family

Do you feel like shedding a tear for a moving but heartwarming Christmas movie in the holidays? Accompany Jules as he unravels a family secret and struggles between helping his grandpa – who apparently is the real Santa Claus – and fostering his hatred for Christmas. Join them in different places they get to instantly visit through a magical snowball. See if Jules finds in his heart again to love the holidays after losing his dad on Christmas eve. 

The Claus Family is a Netflix movie that aims to bring hope especially to those who’re still mourning a loved one’s death. The Christmas-y setting and storyline make it up for a heartfelt and feel-good movie that can be perfectly watched with family, including children.

View The Claus Family On Netflix


Whether you’re in the mood for a cheesy Christmas romantic film, or a cartoon the whole family can watch, these Christmas movies on Netflix cannot go unwatched. What movie will you plan on watching this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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