Thailand Cave Rescue: What Will Happen Next?

Thailand cave

*Update: All 12 boys and their coach has been rescued safely. 

Can you imagine if this happened to your child? Being a parent myself, I was devastated to hear about the Thailand cave rescue. Over a week ago, a teenage soccer team and their coach became trapped in a cave in Thailand. Many people, including parents, are following this story thinking of the worst and hoping for the best. Every parent’s worst nightmare is having their child being separated from them.

How Did This Happen?

The twelve boys and the coach apparently went missing on Saturday, June 23. The parents started to worry about where their children were, as any parent would. They had every right to be concerned since they couldn’t reach the children or coach.

As a mother, I know I would have been out there with the navy and army troops along with volunteers searching for the twelve young boys and their coach. The likely cause of this unexpected horror is flooding from monsoon rains. With this flooding, pumps are being used to remove water from the cave they were found in.


Thailand cave rescue
The Map Of The Cave In Thailand

Contact is Made

After what seems like weeks of searching, contact is finally made between the soccer team and two British divers. On Monday, July 2, all twelve boys and the coach were found to be alive in the cave. They urgently needed food, water, and warmth. The Guardian reports that to be saved, the boys must be pulled through nearly a mile of tunnels, with large portions still underwater.

Now that they are found, officials need to figure out how to get them out. It’s far easier to enter a cave than to leave it, especially considering how long and narrow it is. With many passages flooded, this is dangerous for both the team and the rescuers. Emergency workers are removing any excess water from the cave to help create an escape route.

Thailand cave rescue
The Cave In Thailand Is Narrow And Flooded With Water

The Families

The families of the young boys are anxious to see their loved ones. One mother has been quoted saying, “I am dying to see him. I miss my son.” The aunt of the soccer coach shares in the excitement to see him. Watching all of this makes you think about your own children and/or loved ones. You can’t prevent a natural disaster, but you can have a cell phone monitoring software so you have access to your child’s phone.


What are your thoughts about the cave rescue? Do you think they will escape soon? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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