How Does Technology Affect Relationships?

We live in a society where being technologically advanced is judged by on how many gadgets we use regularly. We utilize technology to stay in touch with our loved ones and people search. Technology, no doubt, has made the world grow faster. Not only has it helped to make the lives of people easier, but has also contributed to making relationships stronger.

However, there are always two sides of a coin. On one hand, where technology has made communication easier, it also has decreased the urge of meeting the one you love in-person. Let’s look at some aspects on how technology affects relationships.

1. More emoticons, fewer emotions.

people search
Nothing says “I Love You” like the Kissy Face Emoji.

Couples think that sending emotion emoticons are enough to make the days happier instead of in-person emotions. For example, a guy sending emoticon flowers to show they love their partner. Well, his partner will be really happy and surprised to receive real flowers he brought for her. When it comes to emotions, technology cannot fully express them.

2. Diminished calling.

Calling is a much clearer way to communicate than texting. Since the time texts became the soul of communication between couples, misunderstandings have become the main cause of break ups! Even if you didn’t say something in a hurting manner, your loved one may take your words harshly. Calling helps you to express your emotions clearly, diminishing the chances of miscommunication.

3. Not seeing each other regularly.

phone search
What happened to a good old in-person date?

Back in the day, couples made actual efforts to see each other regularly. Making the effort to meet with your partner used to be a sign of true love. But now, with video calling becoming popular, couples prefer to not go on dates and chat through video while sitting at home.

4. Together but not focused.

Even when you are both together, there’s always that urge to check your mobile device for texts, emails, notifications, and people search online. As social media has become one of the most prominent parts of our lives, people don’t want to miss out on their friends’ posts or commenting on something. With this, you are missing the moments you can use to talk and connect with your partner.

5. Easily distracted.

people search
There are plenty of fish in the sea online.

Dating apps have become a platform to find your ‘soulmates.’ Because there are a number of ‘options’ to choose from, people don’t put real efforts to make their existing relationship work. They are consoled with the surety that they can people search and select someone better. So, instead of making their relationship strong and actually planning a future with their partner, people chose to break up.

It’s not that technology is destroying relationships, but it’s not helping them overall. Texting and video calling are surely bringing people closer to their partners, but nothing can replace actual human contact. Men are already confused on what women want in a relationship so, the lack of communication just makes relationships more complicated.

When in a relationship, it’s the time you spend together, not in a virtual world, that matters. By not relying on technology, you can explore your relationship further to make your connection stronger.

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