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Teach Your Child About Online Phishing and Fake News With Interland

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Google recently updated their internet safety game for kids, Interland, to include the new land, Reality River: Don’t Fall For Fake. If you don’t already know what Google’s Interland is, it’s a fun and interactive online game that can be used to teach kids about internet safety. Topics covered include phishing, hacking, account security, cyberbullying, and social media. The four lands featured on this game are: 

  • Kind Kingdom: It’s Cool To Be Kind
  • Mindful Mountain: Share with Care
  • Tower of Treasure: Secure Your Secrets
  • Reality River: Don’t Fall For Fake


What Does The New Reality River Teach Children? 

So, the latest buzz is on the newly added land, Reality River. Basically, this section teaches children how to identify online scams like phishing, fake news and websites, identity thieves, and people with bad intentions. According to the Interland overview guide, the goals of this new informational land are to:

  • Understand that just because something is online doesnʼt mean itʼs true.
  • Learn how phishing works, why itʼs a threat, and how to take steps to avoid it. 
  • Determine the validity of websites and other sources of information and be wary of manipulation, unsubstantiated claims, fake offers or prizes, and other online scams

Being interested in this program, I went through Reality River myself (and passed with flying colors of course). In the first section, you are given scenarios where you have to choose which is the best response. The second section is made up of fill in the blank style questions. 

In the first section, one of the scenarios I was given was: You get an email with a hilarious subject line that is obviously a scam.

  • Option 1: LOL. Forward it to your friends for a laugh but tell them not to click anything.
  • Option 2: Avoid clicking any links and mark it as spam.
  • Option 3: Delete it and forget it. 

So, what do you think the answer is? Think about it and find out the answer at the end of this article. Other scenarios they depicted involved giving away your information, chain emails, private messaging someone you met on a game, and more. 

Once you go through all the Reality River exercises and pass, you’ll receive a certificate of your accomplishment (pictured below). 

google interland

Why Your Child Should Play Interland

Kids today are starting to use technology at a very young age. This happens way before they formally learn how to use the technology in school. And even when that time comes, your child won’t necessarily learn all of the essential aspects of internet safety. So, as a parent, it’s important to take initiative and teach your own children how they can stay safe and spot dangers online. What better way than playing Interland, an education game created by Google, to help your child Be Internet Awesome

So, what was the answer to the scenario given above? It was Option 2: Avoid clicking any links and mark it as spam.

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