The Tastiest Jello Shots For Your St. Patrick’s Day Party

The Tastiest Jello Shots For Your St. Patrick's Day Party

St. Patrick’s Day always calls for some sort of celebration, whether it’s barhopping with friends or holding a party at your house. If you’re hosting, there’s a lot of pressure to not only have good entertainment, but also festive drinks and food (usually with green food coloring). And most importantly, you need to have a safe and fun atmosphere. That’s why you might want to do a phone number lookup on anyone your friends invite, just to make sure you really know who they are. And to make your party as enjoyable as possible, St. Patrick’s Day jello shots are a necessity! They’re delicious treats that you can make with or without alcohol.

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Fun Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day Jello Shots And Other Snacks:

Green Jello Shots

The Tastiest Jello Shots For Your St. Patrick's Day Party

These are undoubtedly the easiest ones to make. To get in the Irish spirit, you just need green (lime flavored) jello and the alcohol of your choice. Most people prefer vodka, but rum and tequila are good options, too. Simple, cheap, and delicious!

Pot O’Gold Shots

St. Patrick's Day Jello Shots

Who doesn’t want their own pot o’gold! Plus, when you see a rainbow it’s good luck. This recipe includes pineapple or lemon jello, cold whiskey, cool whip, sprinkles, gold sprinkles, and candy rainbow belts.

Irish Coffee Jello Shots

The Tastiest Jello Shots For Your St. Patrick's Day Party

Want St. Patrick’s Day jello shots that are festive, yet have a bit of a kick to them? Then you’re looking for Irish coffee shots. You’ll appreciate that extra bit of caffeine when your party shows no sign of slowing down. Try taking one of these shots in-between mixed drinks for a little variety, too. Or if you want the ultimate St. Patty’s Day experience, throw back these car bomb shots with your friends.

Shamrock Jello Shots

The Tastiest Jello Shots For Your St. Patrick's Day Party

If you really want to impress your party guests, then you need to make these shamrock-shaped shots. They’re the quintessential St. Patrick’s Day jello shots for any type of party, whether you’re with your coworkers, family, or close friends. Everyone will be awed by these designs that are almost too cute to eat! Just use a shamrock cookie cutter to shape the jello and you’re all set.

St. Patrick’s Day Snacks To Go With Your Shots!

The Tastiest Jello Shots For Your St. Patrick's Day Party

Drinking on an empty stomach isn’t recommended, so you better have some snacks that fit the Irish theme, too. You can simply add green food dye to some of your favorite desserts, such as cupcakes or brownies. But if you want to get really creative, try baking mint chocolate chip cookies, grasshopper cake, or mint macarons.

Have you already started planning what drinks and snacks you’ll make for St. Patrick’s Day? How else do you plan to party it up for the holiday? Let us know!

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