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Swifties Weigh In: Does Taylor Swift Look Better As A Blonde Or Redhead?


On June 9th, Sugarland released their new music video, “Babe”. Surprisingly, Taylor Swift appeared in the video as a redhead, again! She also appeared as a redhead in her “Bad Blood” music video. Just add this new wig to the many she has worn in past music videos. Along with being in the “Babe” video, she also co-wrote the song which was originally intended to be on her Red album.

The Mad Men inspired music video tells the story of a housewife who catches her husband cheating with someone at work. The husband is played by Brandon Routh (Legends of Tomorrow, Superman Returns), and Taylor Swift plays the mistress.

Watch the drama-filled “Babe” music video below.


Swifties Weigh In On Taylor’s Hair Color

Swifties on Twitter have mixed feelings about Taylor’s red hair in Sugarland’s “Babe” music video.


We also took a poll on Facebook to see which hair color Swifties prefer.


In my opinion, Taylor Swift will always be fabulous no matter what her hair color is. So, what do you think of Taylor Swift’s red wig? Do you prefer her as a blonde or redhead? Let us know in the comments below.

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