Is Your Date A Stud or Dud? Here’s How To Find Out!

stud or dud

Are you using online dating sites and apps? Well, then you understand all too well the struggle of sorting out the studs from the duds. But, how do you find this out? We discuss below how to find out whether your potential date is a stud or dud, along with the key characteristics of each.  

Are They A Stud or Dud? Search Now!


Characteristics of a Stud

We all know the famous line from Grease, “Tell me about it, Stud.” However, what exactly makes a person a “stud”?

  • They’re Handsome

Being a stud isn’t all about looks, but it’s an important characteristic of being one. Granted, everyone has a different definition of “handsome”. Examples of men who are considered “hot studs” include Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, and Zach Efron.

  • They’re Confident

Studs exude confidence. That’s what makes women SO attracted to them. Typically, women like a confident man both in and out of the bedroom.

  • They’re A Gentlemen

They are nice and courteous to everyone around them. They have proper manners and aren’t rude to the ladies.

  • They’re Funny

A man with a sense of humor is always attractive. Otherwise, they would be boring after a hot minute.

  • They’re Spontaneous

Predictable is boring. Who wants to be with a man who doesn’t surprise you now and again?

Characteristics of a Dud

  • They Don’t Take Initiative

They don’t take the initiative to make date plans, really get to know you, and text/call you. A dud will make the girl he’s with do all of the work.

  • Not Physically Attracted To Them

If you’re not physically attracted to someone when you meet them for the first time in person, they are a dud. Part of being in a relationship with a stud is chemistry, which is necessary to have in any relationship.

  • They’re Not Sure About Who They Are & Their Goals

A dud usually isn’t clear about or doesn’t portray who they truly are as a person. They also aren’t sure about their life goals and where they see themselves being in the future.

  • They Don’t Appreciate You

Any man who doesn’t worship the ground his woman walks on is a dud. A stud appreciates and takes care of his woman, no matter the scenario.


How To Find Out Whether Your Date’s A Stud or Dud

Now that you know the difference between a stud and a dud, how do you figure it out? Well, that’s easy! You can tell a lot about someone by learning more about their past. To do this, search them online using a service like Kiwi Searches.

By doing a person search (also known as a background check), you can uncover information that can help you determine whether a man is a stud or dud. This includes their address and educational history, work experience, social media profiles, properties owned, criminal history, age, and if they’ve been married before.

Step 1: Search Their Name or Phone Number

  • To Search Their Phone Number:

Visit,, enter the phone number into the search box and click on the search icon.

  • To Search Their Name:

Enter their name into the search box below and click “Search”.

Are They A Stud or Dud? Search Now!


Step 2: Wait While Kiwi Searches Looks For Your Information

Step 3: View Your Results!

Before viewing your results, make sure they are of the correct person. Once this is confirmed, view your search results and determine whether your date is a stud or dud. Kiwi Searches is very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about it emptying your wallet. 

Besides using Kiwi Searches, you can vet your date by looking closer at their social media and dating profiles. So, is your date a stud or dud? Hopefully, he’s the man of your dreams! Need more help? Check out our Guide To Finding Mr. Right.

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