Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser Released During Super Bowl

Season 1 of Netflix original Stranger Things took the world by storm in 2016. Ever since it was announced that production of the second season had been approved, fans have been waiting for hints and previews of what’s to come in 2017.


Well, not only did the New England Patriots win this year’s Super Bowl, but Stranger Things fans did as well! A 30 second teaser from the upcoming season had been released during a commercial break and made dreams come true all across the country.


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The Super Bowl ad featured Eggo Waffles and all of the characters from the first season, including Eleven, Will, et all. Halfway through the video, it seems as though the Upside Down is finally coming out the other side as we see a huge creature shining through a red, illuminated sky. We still don’t see Barb, though. *sigh*


The only issue that we found in this teaser is that it said Stranger Things Season 2 will be premiering Halloween 2017… WHICH IS OCTOBER 31st… WHICH IS COMPLETELY UNFAIR AND WAY TOO FAR AWAY.



Not too sure whether or not they released this short preview to torture us or to be kind and give us a glimpse into what we can expect, but we’re excited regardless.


Well, looks like we have to wait only 8 more months until we get to find out what’s in store this season. Until then, we’ll just have to keep conducting reverse address lookups to keep ourselves busy.


Watch the Stranger Things Season 2 teaser here now:



What did you think of the ad released during the Super Bowl? Did you watch Season 1 last year? Let us know your thoughts! Don’t forget to share this post with a fellow Stranger Things fan.


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