Strange People Search Success: Teen Finds 6 Identical Doppelgängers

Strange People Search Success: Teen Finds 6 Identical Doppelgängers | Hero Searches Grapevine

Want to talk about a strange people search success? Let’s take a look at what recently happened with Sandra Gutierrez…

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Sandra Gutierrez is a 17-year-old girl with at least six doppelgängers. Yup. That’s right. SIX. After posting an image standing next to her first lookalike who she met at San Diego’s Fashion Valley Mall, Twitter set out to find people who share the same appearance.



Since posting the tweet that read “I found my literal doppelgänger just now wtf” on September 23, 2016, it has been retweeted 22.7K times and liked 39K times.


This past week, SIX different Twitter users discovered SIX different girls who look practically identical to Gutierrez.


See below:


Crazy, right? And it didn’t even take special software to do so — just good old social media!


Gutierrez is now trying to organize a get-together with all of her doppelgängers. Stay tuned for an update on whether or not this request comes to reality.


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