Royal Baby: 50 Names Better Than Archie

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Okay, so not to get on a newborn baby, but when I think of the name Archie, I think of either a comic book character or a surly old curmudgeon sitting in an old green chair, not royalty. I get naming a baby is a personal thing, but this kid will have that name for the rest of his life. A kid should be able to grow into a name. It’s hard to take a 35 year old Archie seriously. Here is a list of 50 names that would have been better to name the royal baby.

1. Archibald

Archibald, okay maybe I’m taking that name a little too seriously, but the kid is royalty so I can forgive such a serious name. Plus Archer, that is a respectable name for an adult and a good nickname for Archibald for when the kid is over 5.

2. Alexander

This was a favorite for this baby. It’s a good strong name. Nicknames like Alex or if they wanted to be a bit edgier Xander works well too.

3. Henry

It’s a good royal name and also rising in popularity.

4. Harrison

It’s a strong name and the boy is Harry’s son. I like this as a first name. I know it isn’t popular for royalty, but this couple is about breaking all the rules.

5. Jon

We are all rooting for the King of The North. This is a great twist on a classic name.

6. Philip

A great nod to the royal great grandfather.

7. Arthur

A popular name in the UK that evokes a time of kings and knights

8. Fredrick

Freddy is cute for a little boy and he can grow into a Fred or Fredrick.  Also Fred is one of the best Weasley children in Harry Potter.

9. Theodore

Theo is a popular name and grows with age. Theodore is a bit more formal and suited for royalty.

10. Lincoln

You want to start a controversy, go big or go home. Naming one of the Royal children after an American president would have been one ballsy move.

11. Richard

Ricky, Rick, Rich, Richie, there are a number of cutesy nicknames for a Richard while he still can sound regal during official duties.

12. Liam

His uncle I’m sure would have approved.

13. Samuel

A strong, respectable name a kid can grow with.

14. James

A historic name that is also popular.

15. Jameson

A little bolder, but still a better choice than Archie.

16. Thomas

I know the Duchess of Sussex and her father are not close, but it still doesn’t mean Thomas isn’t a good name for a boy.

17. Lennon

Can’t go wrong naming a baby after one of the country’s greatest musicians.

18. Andrew

A common name might ground a royal child.

19. Nathaniel

I just always liked this name.

20. Grayson

21. Carson

22. Mason

Any of these popular names would have been just as controversial, but much easier on the ears.

23. Gabriel

An angelic name suited for a little prince.

24. Victor

A nod to Queen Victoria

25. Windsor

Hey the palace literally would have his name on it. Dibs!

26. Roman

This is my son’s name so I’m a bit biased. It’s a strong name and rising in popularity.

27. Jack

If you want to pick a nickname as a regular name, go with a good one.

28. Kingston

He may be seventh in line for the throne, but he would still be a King.

29. Aaron

An A name that sounds better than Archie

30. Armand

Another strong name if they are settled on using the letter A

31. Louis

Maybe it’s time to put an end to the British/French rivalry with an offering of peace.

32. Harry

Usually I’m not for naming your children after yourself, but Harry is a decent and very British name.

33. Tyrion

34. Jamie

35. Jorrah

36. Peter

37. Ned

38. Robert

39. Oberen

40. Theon

41. Renly

Okay, so I really, really like Game of Thrones. Plus all these names are STILL better than Archie.

42. Oliver

Ollie is still a cutesy name in the same vein as Archie, but with a Twist.

43. Charles

A nod to the baby’s grandfather.

44. Luther

A strong name that is unique.

45. Paul

46. Ringo

The other Beatles (George is already taken)

47. Ozzy

How metal would that be?

48. Benjamin

Benji is way cuter than Archie and he can grow into a Ben.

49. Julius

Why worry about being a King when you can be an Emperor.

50. Finley

Fin is a popular name and still playful.

These are just SOME of the names that would have been better than naming your child Archie. Die mad about it.

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