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Ride Sharing Apps: Better Safe Than Sorry

Investigate your Lyft or Uber driver with a background check.

There are so many different websites, apps, shortcuts, and more for everything we do in our daily lives. With all this convenience, the world has become a bigger, and some would argue, better place.

But is it necessarily safer?

Run a background check on anyone in minutes


Companies like Lyft and Uber have begun to dominate the ridesharing industry. Although it’s become uber popular, you always hear these horror stories about Lyft and Uber drivers, which raises the following questions: Does this convenience breed negligence? And should we trust the people whose cars we get into?

Don’t be taken on a hell of a ride.

Uber and Lyft would not want you to know this, but they’ve had hundreds and thousands of complaints lodged against them and their drivers. The complaints range from kidnappings and imposters to deaths and assaults—including 32 open rape allegations!

A Palo Alto man was accused of groping and stalking one of his female passengers using Uber. He even went as far as to wait at her house to kiss and fondle her when she went outside.

Another story has surfaced of a TCU student being drugged and assaulted by an imposter Lyft driver! Apparently, she was trying to get back to campus when the imposter contacted her and offered to drive her there. She was given an unknown pill and a water bottle—which she accepted—upon entering the vehicle and was rendered incapacitated. The woman was later dropped off near her dorm with no memory of what happened.

These are just a few of the incidents out there, and there are probably countless others that haven’t been reported. The truth is, you never know who you’re getting into a car with when using these apps. It’s common knowledge that companies don’t always conduct a thorough criminal background check on their employees. So why do we keep trusting these people with our lives?

Conduct a background check before you hail a ride.


Uber and Lyft are so convenient that no one wants to forego their services, but you can be proactive by protecting yourself with a background check. 

Kiwi Searches is a personal background check website that’s used by passengers, just like you, all over the country. It instantly lets you check the background, criminal history, mug shots, and more of any person you search. You can find all of this and more just by searching for their name. It’s super quick, easy to use, and can help you stay safe when traveling with strangers.

Stay safe out there, travelers!

Apps like Uber and Lyft are obviously convenient, but you also need to use common sense if you’re going to keep safe in today’s world. So, before you get into the backseat of your next Uber ride, do a reverse phone lookup on your driver’s number in order to find out who they really are. And just as importantly, do it with Kiwi Searches.

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