National Puppy Day: 5 Tips For Bringing Your New Dog Home

National Puppy Day: Tips For Bringing Your New Dog Home

It’s March 23rd, also known as National Puppy Day! It’s the perfect opportunity to add a new furry friend to your family. Established in 2006 by Colleen Paige, a known author and pet lifestyle expert, National Puppy Day brings awareness to homeless puppies in shelters all over the world. She also founded National Dog Day and National Cat Day, with the goal of saving animals’ lives and helping them find happy homes. You can make a difference when you adopt and don’t shop. If you’re bringing a new pal home from the shelter on National Puppy Day, here’s how you can help them get settled in.

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5 Ways To Make Your New Dog Feel Right At Home On National Puppy Day 2019:

1. Puppy-Proof The House

Ideally, it’s best if you do this before your dog enters your home for the first time. Puppies can be incredibly playful and curious, so there’s always a chance they’ll accidentally get themselves in trouble. That’s why you need to make sure dangerous and sharp objects are completely out of reach. Also, consider spraying a deterrent like Bitter Apple on wires, furniture, or any other household objects that dogs tend to chew.

2. Get To Know Your Pet’s History

National Puppy Day: Tips For Bringing Your New Dog Home
Try to give your puppy time in an environment that they’re used to.

Any time you adopt a pet, you should find out a little bit about where they came from. If you have the address of your puppy’s previous owner, you can click here to use a reverse address look up to find out more about the property. You’ll learn more about the neighborhood, if there were any local dog parks and walking trails, or if your puppy used to have access to a large backyard.

3. Set Up A Crate, Puppy Pads, And Anything Else Your Dog Might Need

Besides the obvious, like a collar, leash, bowls, food, and toys, there are other necessary supplies you need to buy for your puppy. Depending on how young they are, or if they aren’t house trained yet, you should probably buy some puppy pads. Plus, if you plan on crate training your dog, start while they’re still young. Treat your pet’s crate as their personal, safe space and they’ll think of it as their own den. National Puppy Day is a good time to get started on crate training.

4. Make A Comfortable Space

National Puppy Day: Tips For Bringing Your New Dog Home
Your puppy needs to get nice and cozy.

Figure out where your puppy will spend most of their time until they’re ready to explore the rest of the house. Set them up with a dog bed, some toys, and maybe a blanket that has your scent. This will help them relax and feel safe with you. If possible, wait a few days until you have visitors over to meet your new dog. Otherwise, they could get startled by new people and the noise that comes with them.

5. Create A Schedule For Walks, Meals, And Playtime

Once your dog is home, the first thing you should do is take them for a walk. They’ll be able to not only do their business, but also get used to their surroundings and expend a little extra energy. You can start working on leash and house training with your puppy, too. From there, lay out a schedule for how many times you’ll walk, feed, or play with them each day. Try to keep this routine as consistent as possible so your dog will know what to expect.

National Puppy Day: Tips For Bringing Your New Dog Home
Most importantly, give your new dog lots of love.

There are also other things you can do on National Puppy Day to help your dog get used to living with you, like signing them up for training classes. They’ll learn commands, how to interact with other dogs, and more. Whether you’re thinking about buying a puppy or an adult dog, it’s always better to adopt one who’s in need of a home. Adopting helps save millions of animals from euthanasia every year. Do you have any cute pet adoption stories? Tell us and post pictures of your pets in the comments!

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