10 Modern Day Online Dating Etiquette Rules To Follow

online dating etiquette

The rules of online dating are constantly changing and evolving. It honestly can be hard to keep up with them all. And that’s not including all of the dating trends you need to watch out for. To help you navigate today’s dating world, we listed the top 10 online dating etiquette rules to follow. 

1. Make Sure Your Online Dating Profiles Best Exemplify You

On the dating apps you’re using, make sure your online dating profiles best represent you. This includes everything from the photos you use to the details about you. Use current photos of yourself, not ones from 5+ years ago. Include your likes, hobbies, and maybe even a quote to draw in your matches. 

2. Give The Other Person Enough Time To Reply Back

When messaging with your match, whether through a dating app, text messaging, or social media, give them time to reply back. It can take up to 4 hours for them to message back, as they may be busy at work. In return, don’t take more than 24 hours to reply back to their message. 

3. Let Them Know If You’re Not Interested

If you have no interest in the person, you should let them know immediately. It would be rude to string them along. Politely say to them that you really enjoyed getting to know them but the spark isn’t there for you. This is better than just ghosting them! 

4. Friend/Follow Them On Social Media

Before meeting in person, friend or follow them on social media. That will give you further insight into their lives and a better sense of who they really are. Plus, it’s also a good safety measure, especially if you find out that they’re married or are chatty with their exes.

5. Be Yourself and Be Honest

No one likes a liar when online dating. Yes, posting fake (and attractive) photos and false details of yourself will get you more matches. However, because you did that, most of your matches will likely not pan out. Do you and your matches a favor and be honest on your dating profile. You need to find people who will like the real you, not the fake you. 

6. Don’t Send Inappropriate Photos

Whatever you do, don’t send explicit or inappropriate photos of yourself to someone you just met online. You don’t really know who they are and if you can trust them. For all you know, they could post your photos online without your knowledge! 

7. Don’t Assume They Want The Same Things

Even if you are looking for a serious relationship, the people you match with may not want the same thing. Don’t assume anything. When the time arises, bring up the subject of what type of relationship you both want to be in.

8. Have Your First In-Person Date In A Public Place

For safety reasons, you should always have your first in-person date in public. You don’t truly know if someone is who they claim to be until you meet them face to face. Beforehand, make sure to tell a friend or parent about your date and where you’re going. 

9. After A First Date, Text Them Back A Few Hours To A Few Days

After your first date, you should text the person you went on a date with anywhere from a few hours to a few days. If you text them a few hours later, it should be something simple like, “I had a great night.” If you don’t text or call them back after a week, they will likely lose interest and move on. 

10. Avoid Ghosting Someone

Whether it’s after the first date or while chatting with them via text message, try not to ghost the person. Yes, many people today are doing this, but it’s not proper dating etiquette. Ghosting someone can leave them with many questions left unanswered and hurt feelings. Just be upfront with them that you don’t have feelings for them. Maybe say something positive like you enjoyed the date or talking with them to lessen the blow. 

These are just some of many rules of online dating to follow. So, next time you jump on your dating app or go on a first date, take these into consideration. 

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