Latest Bachelor Has Been Announced *Spoiler Alert*


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Bachelor Universe, the best show on ABC has just announced who the next Bachelor is. Colton Underwood! If you need a refresher, he was the third runner-up on Becca’s season of the Bachelorette, which ended August 6th. Colton then appeared on Bachelor in Paradise but was sent home in last night’s episode. In case you missed Becca’s season, you’ll want some background on this handsome bachelor. Here are some things to know about Colton Underwood before investing in the new season.

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Who Is Colton Underwood?

Colton Underwood, the 26-year-old retired NFL tight end who also happens to work in non-profit. Sounds like the perfect guy for The Bachelor, right? During his NFL career, he played for the Chargers, Eagles, and Raiders but couldn’t go as far due to injuries. Colton is also known for founding the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation which funds research for cystic fibrosis. Immediately following his retirement, he decided to audition for the Bachelorette and mentioned his virginity. This will undoubtedly be the focus of the entire season. The fact that he is waiting for marriage was first discussed on Becca’s season and has been revisited many times in Bachelor fashion. 

Becca’s Season

To be honest, I don’t think Colton was everyone’s first choice for the next Bachelor. Becca’s season had many eligible bachelors that could have been chosen, but Colton made for good tv. After seeing Arie Luyendyk, one of the most hated Bachelors, they wanted to choose a nice guy. Going forward, ABC needed someone who actually wanted to find love. Colton is an all-American guy who does charity work and is someone everyone can root for. I mean, the guy has a charity named after him to help kids with Cystic Fibrosis *heart melts*, could he get any dreamier? No need to run a bankruptcy search by name on him. 

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Bachelor Fanatic

As a Bachelor fanatic, I will watch the season all the way through, but I hope it doesn’t turn out as predictable as I think. They will mention Colton’s virginity quite a bit, and we’ll hear about it for a whole two hours after the fantasy suites. ABC will probably say  it’s “the most dramatic season yet.” With that being said, I do actually think that if Colton proposes he will stay with this person. He has way more on the line and is giving a huge part of himself to whichever woman he chooses. Lately, the couples have been lasting and I am hoping the same for Colton.

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