Kim Kardashian’s Recent Instagram Posts Hint At New Kanye West Music

Kimye & Def Jam- Kim’s Return To Social Leaks Music Release | Hero Searches Grapevine


Kim Kardashian West has started posting to her Instagram account once again after a long hiatus. The reality TV star went social-media-dark after a team of thieves with potential past criminal records robbed her of $11 million at gunpoint in Paris. Now, she’s back — and her first posts have induced mystery among her fans. But did it also subliminally promote upcoming music from hubby Kanye West?




Speculations arose over where the couple took the photos because the background looked “middle class.”


my son ❤

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my boys ❤️

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Twitter users questioned where on earth the multi-millionaire couple was hanging out, but one tweet revealed the answer: Def Jam Records founder Rick Rubin’s studio in Shangri-La.



Could this mean new music is in the works for Kanye? Did Kim Kardashian spoil an upcoming release from her hubby? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!




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