Think Guests On “Jerry Springer” Are Crazy, You Won’t Believe These True Cheating Stories

True Cheating Stories

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Not going to lie, I LOVE  “The Jerry Springer Show,” and I know you do too! Why? Because in every episode, the guests’ dirty laundry is put out there for all of television land to see (and laugh at). TFW a woman finds out she’s the side chick, or the macho cheating dude realizes his girl has been cheating on him with his best friend. Want to feel great about your relationship? Watch an episode of Jerry Springer.

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Y’all know that at Grapevine we always want to find “even crazier,” and we did! We painstakingly researched crazy, true cheating stories on Reddit and found a bunch of tragic tales that make Jerry Springer’s guests seem tame. While they range from scandalous to just plain hilarious, in most cases, these people had to catch a cheater in the act. Hindsight is 20/20, and these fools probably would have ditched their boo a lot earlier if they had used a cell phone spy app to read the scandalous messages they sent. Jerry Springer’s most outlandish guests have nothing on these stories, so hang tight and read on!

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Catch a Cheater Now!


Juicy, Completely True Stories Shared By People Who Were Cheated On:

Have you ever had to catch a cheater? Also, how did you find out your boo was lying to you? Share your story in the comments below!

Catch a Cheater Now!

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