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Jason Momoa Goes Naked For a Good Cause

Jason Momoa

Game of Thrones Fans took to Twitter in an uproar over Jason Momoa’s YouTube video shaving off his infamous Drogo beard. What really set me off was his jailbird pants, what on earth was he thinking? You may be wondering why he shaved his sexy facial hair off, and the cause is impressive.  

The Infamous Bearded Man

Jason Momoa got his big break as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and Conan in Conan the Barbarian. He is perhaps best known as Arthur Curry/Aquaman,which he has played the role of in Aquaman, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, Justice League and the voiceover for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. And when you think of Momoa, you think of his wild beard- until now that is! Some other bearded roles he has played include Joe Braven, Joe Bright, Declan Harp, and Phillip Kopus.  

The Video That Went Viral

He doesn’t just make a radical proclamation, he actually proposes a solution! His answer, aluminum, infinitely recyclable aluminum. You may be wondering what that means. Aluminum can be recycled an infinite amount of times without degrading, unlike plastic. A plastic water bottle takes 450 years to degrade, and cannot be recycled and reused an infinite amount of times.

He goes on to showcase a line of canned waters including still, alkaline, sparkling, and spring. The water of the future, and who better to know than Aquaman himself? It will take just 60 days from the time an aluminum can is recycled until it is back into production.  

A Worthy Cause

Jason Momoa

Momoa’s video went viral, but did his message make an impact or was it merely just fans losing their minds over his beard? When in reality, he looks so much better without the beard! In order for his radical proposal to actually have a radical effect, people actually need to recycle. The desert he shot his video in was full of trash because people couldn’t even be bothered to throw out their garbage, let alone recycle it.

Wealthy countries like the United States have been exporting their trash to Asian countries for decades. In 2018, the Chinese government banned recyclable imports leaving the United States to try and find smaller countries to handle their massive amounts of trash. Most of what is recycled in the U.S. is sitting on barges in the ocean polluting and killing our ocean life.  

So with infinitely recyclable aluminum, there is never any waste and we will never have to worry about harming our ocean life or where we will store our trash. We just need to become conscious consumers and do our part and actually recycle. Will you do your part and stop using plastic and join Jason Momoa in his worthy cause? Tell us in the comments below!

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