Is ‘Holidating’ An Actual Thing That Happens?

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If you have ever dated or are currently dating, you know that there are various new dating trends and terms that emerge all the time. Recently, the dating trend “Holidating” came to light with the release of the romantic comedy Netflix film, Holidate

This film is about two singles, Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey), who randomly meet in a mall and agree to be each other’s platonic holiday dates for the entire year. They do this to avoid the struggle, problems, and ridicule that come along with being single during the holidays. 

However, is having an “holidate” an actual thing or is it a fictitious term? 

Holidating Is Real! 

The concept of holidating is definitely real, but it is not the name it has gone by (until now). During the holiday season, and on all holidays in general, many people enjoy the company of family, friends, and loved ones. However, for those who are single, it can be a dreaded time of interrogating questions and judgment on one’s relationship status. 

To avoid this, many opt to bring another person to holiday events (where feelings are platonic). Oftentimes, feelings for a holidate do stay platonic, but can easily turn into something more (such as in Sloane and Jackson’s case). 

That being said, you should be careful when choosing a holidate or especially if you want to remain platonic friends afterwards. To protect yourself, there are several signs that can help you determine if your potential (or current) holidate has feelings for you. 

  • You are invited to other events not related to the holidays. 
  • They often want to discuss their feelings and personal life. 
  • They are there for you whenever you need them, not just for holiday-related reasons. 

If your holidate is actually something more, it can often lead to a relationship during the cuffing season. This means that you are romantically keeping each other company during the holiday and winter seasons. 

Having a holidate can be beneficial, but it can also be a hindrance if you aren’t looking to be in a relationship. If you happen to participate in this trend, be sure to choose your date wisely and tread carefully.

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