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How To Make New Friends Without Leaving The House

How To Make New Friends Without Leaving The House

Making friends seemed so simple when you were a child. All you had to do was say you liked another kid’s light-up sneakers, and you were immediately BFFs. As an adult in the workforce, it’s a whole lot harder. Thankfully, technology’s made it easier to meet people across the world, or just in your neighborhood. To learn how to make new friends, right from the comfort of your couch, all you have to do is check out these websites and apps.

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Where To Meet New People On The Internet:



How To Make New Friends Without Leaving The House

It’s never been simpler to learn more about the people you live next to and keep up with new things happening in your neighborhood. Nextdoor is a website and app that helps you stay connected with your neighbors, no matter where you are. Think of it as a small, private social network – just for your local area. You can post and read about upcoming events, ask for local recommendations, or get to know the people who live a few streets down. If you’ve just moved to an unfamiliar area and want to know how to find new friends, Nextdoor is a great starting point.


Bumble BFF

How To Make New Friends Without Leaving The House

While many people know Bumble as one of the most popular online dating apps, it’s not just for romance! It has two other awesome features: Bumble BFF (for meeting your next best friend) and Bumble Bizz (for professional networking). So if your significant other is using the app, you don’t have to worry about how to catch a cheater.

What sets Bumble apart from similar apps and websites is that you can’t create an account without a verified Facebook profile, so catfishers and pranksters are weeded out. Bumble BFF lets you instantly connect with potential gal pals or bros up to 100 miles away from your location. The profiles are also short and sweet – you can upload up to 6 photos and include a short bio, which is just enough for other people to get to know what you’re all about.

How To Make New Friends Without Leaving The House
Match with people who are also looking for friendship on Bumble BFF.



How To Make New Friends Without Leaving The House

Want to know how to make new friends with people who have the same interests as you? It’s simple with Meetup. You can find a group for nearly anything in your area, from book clubs to photography workshops. Even some of the most niche hobbies and lifestyles have active groups with tons of members. Of course, the point of Meetup is to eventually meet up in person. But before you do, you can get to know members the groups you join before you attend any of their events.


How To Meet New People And Stay Safe While You Do

An important part of knowing how to make new friends is protecting yourself from people who might be liars or criminals. Before you agree to meet up with anyone from the internet in person, use Kiwi Searches to verify who they are. A quick criminal check on your online friend will let you know if they’re someone you should probably cut contact with. Also, be sure to gather as much information on them as possible. If you haven’t already called or texted them, ask for their number before you make plans to meet up. All you need to do is a reverse phone number search to make sure their actual name matches who they say they are. If everything looks good, make plans to meet up in a public place and have a great time!


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