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How To Be A Happily Divorced Family

happily divorced

Your once happy relationship is coming to a close. You’ve tried counseling and mediation but nothing seems to work. You said “I do” in the past, but the spark has faded. Now your marriage is ending. With children, finances, and living situations changing, you have a lot to think about. Splitting from your partner doesn’t mean you can’t raise children in a loving and supportive environment. Today, we’ll discuss how to be a happily divorced family.

9 Tips For Being A Happily Divorced Family

1. Children Come First

Children benefit most from stability and love. Establishing solid routines will provide structure for them. Work to create positive moments together. This will take some cooperation between you and your ex. Co-parenting is a skill that will take time to develop, but can be done.

2. Don’t Hate Your Ex

Ok, I know that’s easier said than done, but holding onto gripes benefits nobody. Learn to forgive and forget, and let the divorce serve its purpose. Minimize the amount of conflict children are exposed to by letting go of grudges. This is the perfect reason to start recuperating after the split.  

3. Learn Time Management

Much of your energy is going to be spent arranging exchanges. You will benefit greatly from learning effective time management. Learning these skills is essential when trying to coordinate you, your ex-partner, and children’s’ schedules.

4. Communicate

Dance recitals, birthday parties, and baseball games will come up. Learning to communicate effectively is key to co-parenting and providing structure. You don’t want you (or your ex) to be the one who forgot snacks for the rest of the soccer team.

5. Find New Interests

It’s important to learn how to spend time with yourself. Pick up a new hobby or give an old one another try. Hobbies are a great way to manage stress. Who knows? Your children might be interested too.

6. Create New Traditions

It’s time to create new memories. Fishing on Sundays or long drives through the country. Give your kids something to look forward to. Little traditions can carry over the years and become an important part of family bonding.

7. Respect Your Ex’s Parenting

If mom said no to candy after dinner, that means no. Even though it feels good to be the cool parent, you need to respect your ex-partner’s wishes. If you disobey their rules, you’re indirectly teaching your children to be disrespectful and that rules don’t matter.. Being consistent is an important part of co-parenting.

8. Be Positive

Being happily divorced is possible, unlike what many believe. Children may not understand the complexities of divorce, but they can tell when their parents are happy. If divorcing leads to less conflict and happier times, than you’ve made a decision that ultimately benefits everyone.

9. Lead By Example

You’ll learn to compromise with your ex-partner. Let your children see the value of cooperation firsthand, and they will notice it. Actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to parenting.

Divorce can be hard, but it’s no reason for not providing a stable, loving environment for your children. Effective communication and a little bit of patience will go a long way. Use these skills to learn how to be a happily divorced family.

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