How Do You Define Cheating?


Have you heard the phrase, “cheating means different things to different people?” Well, that is actually true. If you ask a group of people how they define cheating, you’ll get different responses. After reading Women’s Health, I too was thinking about what behaviors cross the line. My definition is doing something you wouldn’t want your partner to be doing. From texting an ex to flirting with a bartender, what counts as cheating? First, let’s discuss the gray area where cheating tends to start. 

All cheating is not created equal” – Women’s Health Magazine

Does Harmless Flirting Really Exist?

The Gray Area

In relationships, there is always a gray area. Maybe it’s things you and your partner have never discussed before like harmless flirting with a bartender. But is that really ok? I don’t know, you’ll have to ask your partner. What really matters is the intent behind the flirting or texting. Harmless flirting can turn into something more devious, which falls into unknown territory.

Physical Cheating

We all know what physical cheating is. Touching, kissing, sex, and whatever comes into your mind. Physical infidelity can happen to anyone, even those who are married or in serious relationships. What is actually surprising is how people react to the infidelity. Match revealed that men and women are both bothered by physical infidelity (which isn’t surprising) but it impacts women more. Guys feel emasculated when thinking about their partner cheating while women are concerned that their partner will fall in love with another. 

Physical Cheating Is The Common Form Of Infidelity

Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating can be even more damaging than physical infidelity. Are you imagining a life with another? Do you wish you were with them instead of your partner? Questions like that are what leads to emotional infidelity. While you aren’t being physically involved with another, your mind is elsewhere. If you don’t think your partner can tell when you’ve emotionally checked out of the relationship, think again. From being distant to lacking interest in your significant other’s day, the signs are there.

Text Message Cheating

Any form of cheating is deceptive, but especially when you’re secretly texting an ex or someone you just met. Sometimes it’s okay to stay in touch with an ex, but usually, it’s a red flag. Be honest with your partner about who you’re texting. Remember, there are always ways to catch a cheater with today’s technology. Innocent texting can lead to developing emotions for another. And before you know it, you’re committing infidelity. 

Texting An Ex Is Being Unfaithful

Cheating is cheating, whether it’s physical, emotional, or through text messaging. Usually, your gut instinct will inform you if your partner is having an affair. And with celebrity cheating scandals happening all the time, cheating is becoming the new norm. If Beyonce was cheated on, then it seems like it could happen to anyone (my world would end if this really did happen). Let us know in the comments how you define cheating.

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