The 10 Hottest Hair Color Trends Of 2018

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

Spring is here and it’s finally warming up outside! If you haven’t already, swap out your winter coat and sweaters for some fun jackets and dresses. While you’re upgrading your wardrobe, you might as well give your hair a new look, too. This spring, we’re seeing some of the most exciting hair color trends of 2018, from burgundy to rose gold. Which of these stunning looks will you rock this year?

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2018’s 10 Biggest Hair Trends:


1. Ultra Violet

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

The Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, is one of the biggest shades in the beauty industry right now. From highlighters to lipsticks, you can find it everywhere. It’s no wonder why so many people are also dyeing their hair ultra violet now. If you don’t want to commit to saturated purple hair, consider adding a slight tint instead.


2. Rose Gold

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

Love millennial pink? Good, because it’s not going anywhere. You can now dye your hair a beautiful, pink-tinted blonde, also known as rose gold. At the end of last year, color conditioner brand oVertone added this color to their line, which was so successful that it sold out immediately. Make sure you snag it now that it’s back in stock!


3. Gray

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

Gray, charcoal, and salt and pepper hair are here to stay. Personally, we love that gray hair has become such a huge trend among women of all ages! More than ever before, people are dyeing their hair this color instead of trying to cover it up.


4. Strawberry Blonde

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

Strawberry blonde is a hair color that never goes out of style. Adding a little red to your hair is perfect for summer, too. Just like every year, this red-tinted blonde is guaranteed to be one of the hottest spring hair trends of 2018.


5. Visible Roots

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

One look that’s been popular in hair salons and on social media is to add a bright pop of color, but only to your roots. In addition, for lighter colors such as blonde, many stylists are creating contrast by leaving their clients’ roots unbleached.


6. Nude

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

This shade is guaranteed to look good on anyone. It’s neither cool or warm-toned – “nude” is a true, neutral color. Because it’s universally flattering, it’s taken the beauty world by storm.


7. Burgundy, Maroon, Or Wine

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

Whatever you want to call it, this shade is just vibrant enough to have everyone’s eyes on you, without looking inappropriate for the office. With these deep, warm tones, this will be one of those hair color trends that we’ll see for all of 2018. It’s perfect for every season.


8. Holographic

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

Unicorns, rainbows, and mermaids have been huge in makeup over the past year. So it’s no surprise that they’ve inspired some hair trends. Almost like a polar opposite of the oil slick style that was popular a few years ago, holographic hair now reigns.


9. Chocolate Brown

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

This dark, rich color is just like everyone’s favorite candy. Chocolate brown is deep enough to flatter almost any skin tone, with a slight hint of red that will give your hair dimension.


10. Bronde

The Hottest Hair Color Trends

Bronde is always in style, and it’s a great option for brunettes who don’t want a full blonde head of hair. For a more unique look, consider incorporating a slight ombre.


Whether you want to start the new season off right, or you just got out of a relationship where you had to catch a cheater, treat yourself to a pick-me-up and give your hair a makeover. Next time, save yourself some heartache and learn how to read someone’s text messages by clicking here. Which of these hair color trends is your favorite for 2018? Let us know in the comments below!


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