Here Are 5 Reasons Why Athletes Shouldn’t Use Twitter

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Want to people search an athlete or celebrity? It’s easier than you think, thanks to social media. Kevin Durant, the 7-foot NBA forward who recently won a championship with The Golden State Warriors, recently took to Twitter to vent against the creepers who posted negative comments about him, his performance in the NBA finals, and his move to free agency.

The commentary from the haters ranged from calling Durant “soft”, to questioning his leadership, to calling out his work ethic:

Durant stated that waiting for his flight prompted him to take on the Twitter trolls:

This is just the latest in a long string of Twitter rants from athletes who feel the need to fight back. Sometimes they argue with the public. Sometimes they fight the power. Sometimes they have a beef with other athletes. Sometimes they just vent.

people search
Kevin Durant

Here are five reasons athletes should think before pressing Tweet, or stay away from Twitter altogether:

5. Boredom is no excuse

Dear Kevin Durant, you’re a multi-millionaire. Check your stocks, watch a movie, or buy a fidget spinner if your flight is delayed.

4. Trolls don’t play

Twitter can be a great vehicle for sharing ideas, news, and hashtags. It can also be a dark place of hate and anonymity. The pure relentlessness of Twitter comments is like the fiery pit of Mount Doom.

3. Inflated egos impair judgment

Athletes can have massive egos, thanks to all the adulation that the public heaps on them. A few negative callouts to your athletic ability can topple the mountain, more than an actual hit. Mental preparation in the game is as important as the physical prep. Social media isn’t for you if you can’t handle the critics.

2. Public consumption

People already have their own pre-conceived notions of who their favorite athlete is since everything is up for grabs online: an athlete’s stats, divorces, arrest records, court records, and more. Don’t give the public more fuel for the fire when they want to people search from their man cave.

1. Enjoy your victory

Dear Kevin Durant, don’t second guess your hard work because some neckbeard hiding in is mother’s basement is calling you a flopper. Do you want this idiot to find the address of your mansion and roll up after you go a couple of brutal rounds on Twitter? You have better things to do, like sipping champagne in your jacuzzi or buying your thousandth pair of sneakers.

Of course, many athletes can use Twitter without any repercussions, because tweeting remains an amazing place to communicate and self-promote. And the interaction with the public can promote foundations and other charitable causes that an athlete cares about. So shout out your victory loud and clear! Just don’t stoop to the haters.


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