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Great Kitchen Gadgets For The Summer

Great Kitchen Gadgets For The Summer reverse phone search

If you’re like me and you love to cook, then there are few things more exciting than a new gadget or gizmo that’s going to make the entire process more fun and enjoyable. If you want to step up your game in the kitchen this summer, you’ve come to the right place.

Cooking is about passion. It’s about ingredients. It’s about knowing when to look up a recipe and when to experiment and be creative. Cooking is about more than the equipment you are using, but a new fancy gadget sure makes it more fun.

Soda Stream

This is one of my favorite electronic items in the kitchen. It enables me to make fresh carbonated (fizzy) water. There are a host of flavors available for purchase in syrup form, but I think it’s most delicious when paired with some fresh-squeezed lime or lemon.

Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer is a great way to get fresh orange juice or lemonade in the home. This is not to be confused with a juicer that makes cold-pressed juice from fruits and vegetables. This is gadget great for those that are wanting citrus juice specifically. Pair fresh juice with a healthy brunch for a show-stopping meal.

Slow Juicer

A slower juicer is the affordable way to have cold-pressed juice within the comfort of your own home. Cold-pressed juice is one of the most popular health food items on the market right now. Anyone who’s ever been to a Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Central Market knows that cold-pressed juice is a trend that’s sticking around. If you ask me, there are few things more delicious to drink than some cold-pressed juice with a pear, some mint, a cucumber, and a lime. It’s super delicious, healthy and affordable.

Electric Gooseneck Water Kettle

This is a must-have for the coffee connoisseur or tea drinker. It’s a fast and easy way to heat up the water for a cup of coffee. The gooseneck kettle also makes the water pour easily. This gadget is great for those that want to heat up water without turning on the stove! I use this one every morning and it’s worth every penny.


Cast Iron Skillets

Okay, this one’s not electronic. But if you ask me, no kitchen is complete without a pair of seasoned cast iron skillets. Not only do cast iron skillets make food taste great, but you can put them in the oven immediately to make pan-seared fish or chicken. They also help provide the nutrient iron, which many people are deficient of.


Reverse Phone Search

Nothing is worse than sitting down to a great meal and getting interrupted by your phone. Do you want to know who’s calling or texting you? A reverse phone search will help you find out who’s behind those anonymous or suspicious texts or calls that are interrupting your peaceful summer meal.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Every room is important and has its place, but many people don’t give enough thought to the kitchen and what they are working with. Consider some of these impressive items if you are looking to revamp your kitchen this summer!

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