The 10 Best & Worst Google Arts Matches

10 Best & Worst Google Arts Matches

If you’ve been on Twitter at all this week then you’ve heard of the new Google Arts & Culture app. The app was originally designed to allow you the ability to virtually tour museums around the world and discover new artwork… then they went and added a new feature.

Search Any Name, Get Instant Results


“Take a selfie and discover if your portrait is in a museum,” the app states in its app store description. Once you take a photo of yourself, facial recognition technology works to match your face with a famous portrait. Of course, like with every app’s new feature, results can vary, making for some amazing comparisons and some not-so-hot matches.

Here are the 10 best and worst Google Arts matches.


Best Google Arts Matches

1. This man is a literal work of art.

2. The parallels are unreal.

3. What shade of lipstick is this though?

4. This one is eerily accurate!

5. Who knew the app could work on pets too?

6. Maybe this one isn’t the most accurate, but it’s definitely the cutest Google Arts match.

7. Okay but did he time travel to pose for this painting?

8. Which is the painting?

9. Rockin’ the bedhead since 1705.

10. These two definitely share a family tree.

Worst Google Arts Matches

1. We’d want to sue too.

2. The resemblance is… nonexistant.

3. Close enough.

4. Google Arts, explain yourself.

5. No words.

6. This does not bode well for her future offspring.

7. At least you tried.

8. TFW you forget to contour.

9. Doing wonders for self-esteem.

10. 37% match? More like 0%.


Apologies to all our non-US readers; the feature is only available in the states for the time being. If you are one of the lucky ones able to work the selfie function, show us your results in the comments!


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