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Gifts For Him and Her: J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Looking to get a special gift for someone in your life? Don’t know where to start? Well, J.Crew Factory is a great store to get clothes and accessories for someone you love. From jewelry to socks, here’s our list of some J.Crew Factory items that would make great gifts!

J.Crew Factory Gifts For Her

1. Heart Love Trouser Socks

J.Crew Factory

Show how much you love the woman in your life, in the most obvious way possible, by giving her socks with hearts on them. Yes, it’s cheesy, but she’ll love them! This pair of socks comes in one size fits all.

2. Glimmer Circle Stud Earrings

J.Crew Factory

Does your wife or girlfriend love shiny and shimmery jewelry? Then, this pair of stud earrings is the perfect gift for her. These crystal earrings have light gold ox plating and go with any outfit, whether out on the town or at work.

3. “Girls. Love.” Canvas Tote Bag

J.Crew Factory

This adorable bag is perfect for everyday use, like at the grocery store or at the mall. It lists “Girls” in six different languages, with it ending in LOVE. Aww, that’s cute!

4. Mixed-Media Sunglasses

J.Crew Factory

Honestly, I haven’t seen sunglasses like these before! If they impress me, they’ll definitely impress the woman in your life. These J.Crew Factory sunglasses come in Milky Winter Tort (as shown above), and Raspberry Tort Mirror.


J.Crew Factory Gifts For Him

1. Silk Pindot Tie

J.Crew Factory

Silk ties are so in-style right now. Give your man this snazzy silk tie to take their suit ensemble up a notch. This tie comes in grape and navy, and is one size.

2. Gold Aviator Sunglasses

J.Crew Factory

Do you have a thing for men in aviator sunglasses, like Tom Cruise in Top Gun? Then, these J.Crew Factory sunglasses will do the trick. They are made with a gold metal material and provide 100% UV protection.

3. XO Socks

J.Crew Factory

To show you love your man, give him these subtle “XO” socks. He’ll be reminded every time he wears them that you love him.

4. Sueded Cotton Jersey Half-Zip Pullover

J.Crew Factory

You can’t go wrong with giving him a classic half-zip pullover. It’s great for him to wear at home, or while taking your dog for a walk. This J.Crew Factory pullover comes in the colors; Garnet Flame, Charcoal Dust, Navy, Heather Flannel, Warm Pine, and Icelandic Blue.

Those are some great gifts for him and her from J.Crew Factory. Hopefully, you found the gift you were looking for! Make sure to check out our other fashion blogs!

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