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From Dating Trends To Rom-Coms: What’s The Turkey Drop?

Thanksgiving is the time of year to be grateful for those in your life, unless you’ve just been the victim of ‘The Turkey Drop’. And no, it’s not referring to your family member dropping the Thanksgiving turkey on the floor. It’s actually a dating trend that occurs every year during Thanksgiving break.

This is how ‘The Turkey Drop’ works, imagine you are in a relationship with your high school sweetheart. You both graduate and try to make a long distance relationship work while you both start college. However, when Thanksgiving break rolls around, the person you’re with realizes the relationship isn’t going to last and dumps you. Hence, ‘The Turkey Drop’. 

This trend is especially bad because no one wants to be dumped right before the holiday season. You now have to spend the holiday season explaining to friends and family why you and so-and-so aren’t together. 

And now this dating trend is so popular… it has become a rom-com!

Turkey Drop on Freeform

As Freeform usually does, formerly ABC Family, they kick off the holiday season early with their 25 Days of Christmas. On November 23rd the new film Turkey Drop starring Olivia Holt (Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger) will air. The movie centers around a girl, Lucy Jacobs, who’s in her freshman year of college. She goes home for Thanksgiving break, and believes her boyfriend is going to ‘Turkey Drop’ her. To avoid it, she tries to prove to him that she isn’t the girl she was in high school. Along the way she finds another romantic interest and literally drops her Thanksgiving turkey.  

Watch the trailer here: 

So, if you are in a similar situation and don’t want to be turkey dropped, address it right away and don’t wait until Thanksgiving. 

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