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How Freeing Is The Weight Watchers Freestyle Program?

Ok, we all love Oprah.

She gave an amazing and inspiring speech at The Golden Globes, is starring in the big screen version of A Wrinkle in Time, is a humanitarian juggernaut, and she cares about your weight and wants you to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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She’s the life coach and therapist we all wish we could afford.

Face it: you want Oprah cheerleading you throughout the day.

Plus, she has the crazy power to reach deep into your soul and make you cry when you least expect it.

Weight loss has been a universal struggle for most women, with no help from carbs. The biggest New Year’s resolution every year is getting fit and dropping those excess pounds. Food shaming has been a problem for years, and WW was one of the earliest programs to have an impact on how we approach dieting and health managment.

The ever-popular Weight Watchers has been around since the 1960s, and it still sticks to its core values: diet is one part of long-term weight management, and a healthy body comes from a healthy lifestyle. They provide motivation, mutual support, encouragement and instruction from all their leaders, and they organize group meetings around the world.

The success stories and struggles are a huge part of why the program has been so popular for decades.

So when we started seeing Oprah as the spokeswoman of Weight Watchers Freestyle program, it seemed like a win/win. In our brain, we absolutely cannot accept that Oprah would ever steer us wrong.

But is the Weight Watchers Freestyle program really different from the traditional Weight Watchers points program?

Weight Watchers Activity Dashboard

zeroPoints is born. Will it help you with your weight loss?

The SmartPoints system was the stage 2 of ProPoints, and zeroPoints is basically the stage 3 of that same points system. zeroPoints have a value of (WAIT FOR IT) zero, so there’s less counting and more eating. Some of the foods included on the zeroPoints list are chicken, fish, eggs, corn, and beans.

This new approach to their traditional point system also includes rollovers, which gives you the option to rollover points fewer SmartPoints values one day and have up to 4 extras rolled over into your bank of weeklies for the days when you need them the most.

Conclusion? We love the “enjoy your life!” angle, and the increased benefits that this new point system brings.

Look, if Oprah tells us Freestyle is a better option, it’s our American duty to listen.

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