From Board Games To Playing Pool, Here’s How To Have A Fun Evening With Your Family!

Each of us has our own idea of the perfect weekend. For some, it is a spontaneous trip to unknown cities/countries, and for others, it’s cuddling in bed for the whole day watching movies. However, for those with families, it’s likely that spending some time at home with the kids makes for a great weekend. 

Why It’s Important To Have Some Family Time? 

A modern family does not spend much time together. Even when in the same room, all family members are usually separated and busy. Having some leisure time as a family allows you to avoid getting lost in the hustle and bustle of routine activities. Doing fun family activities together brings you all closer, creating lasting memories that will last a lifetime. 

Unfortunately, many families don’t know where to start when it comes to figuring what activities are best for the whole family. What you need to ask yourself is: What fun activities will make my family feel united (that don’t involve technology)? 

6 Family Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy! 

– Share Some Great Memories

Surely everyone has childhood memories that are especially dear to them. You could talk about your favorite cat named Tom from the attic, or the time you pranked your neighbor. What was your favorite song growing up? Who was your first teacher? What was your favorite place to go on vacation? Sharing your experiences and memories with your children can help them better bond with you. 

Such home-felt memories are especially important in families with kids under 8. It is at this age that it is important for parents to stop being “celestials” and become ordinary people with sympathies, passions, and secrets. This will allow the child’s psyche to move to a new level of affection, strengthening intra-family life. 

In return, ask your children questions about their favorite memories and what they like. This can help you get to know your kids better, especially if they’re in that phase of their lives when they don’t share things with you anymore. 

– Play Board Games

Who doesn’t love playing some good, old-fashioned board games! These can be both classic games (ex: chess, checkers), and modern games (ex: Monopoly, Life, Scrabble). Having some friendly and fun competition is good for any family. Also, many games contribute to the development of logical thinking and responsiveness in children (an added bonus!)

– Play Pool 

If your children are older, you might want to consider getting a Pool table. Surprisingly, there are many health benefits to playing pool, according to this The Home Dweller article.

  • Pool involves the use of whole body muscles, joints, and spine. 
  • Helps prevent eye diseases by helping train the eye muscle nerves.
  • Critical Thinking and Mathematical Skills: During the game, you have to constantly calculate your options, striking power, ball direction, build geometric shapes, strategies, predict your opponents’ actions, and use your intuition.
  • As a relaxant, stress fighter, and positive emotions source, a pool game is simply unmatched!

– Cooking A Meal Together

There’s nothing more bonding than cooking a new dish together. Let each family member have a task according to their age and abilities. While cooking, talk about how your week or day went, and thoughts about other current topics. You’ll be surprised how eagerly your family will get involved in the conversation!

Don’t forget to set the table, centerpiece and all! This is an easy task kids of all ages can take care of. The pre, during, and post meal process makes up for any lack of communication your family has been missing. 

– Puzzle Time!

You can spend all evening (and night) trying to complete a puzzle as a family. Remember, don’t choose a puzzle that is way too many pieces. Have your kids choose the puzzle, so they are excited to see the finished result! This type of activity can also teach your kids the valuable lesson of patience and teamwork. 

– Play The Question Game

The question game goes like this: You have a basket full of questions (that you created) that the whole family has to answer. Each person at the table takes turns and picks one question that everyone answers. The questions could be: What is your favorite movie?, What is your favorite memory with mom?, and What activity do you enjoy doing the most? It’s a great way for your family to bond, while having a fun time!  

These are just some of the many activities you can enjoy at home with your family. Bond over memories, have some friendly competition with board games, or struggle together to finish a puzzle. No matter how busy your lives are, put down your electronics and make the time to do something as a family on a regular basis. 

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