Fall Nail Colors That Will Never Disappoint

fall nail colors

Every time you walk into a nail salon or do your nails at home, the first thing you do is pick a color. This can be the hardest part of your nail visit because you don’t want to pick a color that you will regret. Going back and forth between colors, or rushing because you don’t want to hold anybody up is never the way to go. Feeling rushed is the worst when it comes to picking a nail shade. To avoid this, plan ahead and go with something you will love no matter what and that is fine with your skin tone. Here are some fall nail colors that won’t disappoint:

Everyday Nails

Polish that never goes out of style no matter what season it is! These are classic colors that are far from boring. You can’t go wrong with wearing an everyday nail color this fall.


fall nail colors

Black nails are perfect for every occasion. They go with every outfit and never fail to look good every time. Whether you get shiny or matte black, it will make for the perfect fall nail color for any occasion.


fall nail colors

Another color that is perfect for every day of the year is classic white. Simple, yet elegant. White nails match almost anything you have in your closet and make a great statement Fall color. Keep it simple and you will love it every time. 

Slate Gray/Charcoal

fall nail colors

My absolute favorite nail color! Not too simple, but not overpowering. Charcoal is a color that does not get as much attention as it deserves. A charcoal or slate is a great color to wear for the fall. 

Neutral Nails

The nail polish that seems as though you have nothing on. This is as simple as it gets!


fall nail colors

Neutral colors such as tan are perfect for a wedding, work, or special occasion. Tan is as simple as it gets, besides getting a clear coat put on your nails.

Clear Polish

fall nail colors

If your nails are nice and grown out to your liking, but you are not in the mood for a color. Use a clear polish or just the top coat of gel if you would like it to last longer. This is a classic nail color that looks like you did absolutely nothing, while looking elegant at the same time.   

Holiday Nails

Get your party nails ready, the bolder the better!


fall nail colors

Red is a nail color that works for every season, especially for the fall. It is a classic nail color that has not gone out of style and is not going anywhere anytime soon. You can go darker or lighter depending on your mood, but every shade is perfect for the fall or for your upcoming Holiday event.


fall nail colors

Holidays are the time to sparkle. If you are not a fan of the full sparkle nails, try just adding sparkles to both of your ring fingers. This will give your nails a little bit of pop without being too overpowering. You can do light sparkles over a solid color or a full sparkle nail. Try this out for Halloween or Thanksgiving and see how you like it!

Trending Fall Nail Colors

Looking to use a trendy fall nail color this year? Besides slate, below are some other colors you might want to consider. 


Burgundy is the color that gives you the feeling of sitting at home drinking a nice glass of red wine. You’ll want nail polish that has shine instead of matte to make your nails look stylish.

Recommendation: Complimentary Win By OPI

Forest Green

This nail polish color is great to compliment your holiday or cozy sweater, just in time for the holiday season. It’s an uncommon color to use, but try it out if it compliments your skin tone. Make sure it has shine and shimmer to it as the matte color will likely be too bland. 

Recommendation: Sweater Weather By Essie

Cranberry Shimmer

One of the things you think of when Thanksgiving and Fall come to mind is cranberries. This rich color compliments neutral Fall colors perfectly whether you are dressed up or in loungewear. Add shimmer to your cranberry polish to look extra fancy. 

Midnight Blue

Instead of going for an icy blue nail color, opt instead for a midnight blue color. Even though this shade doesn’t go as well with most outfits, it’s a standout matte color that gives off Fall/Winter vibes. 

Recommendation: Elliot By Zoya

Fall nail colors are absolutely stunning. Put away the spring polish and break out the darker, bolder colors. Don’t worry about ever choosing the wrong color again. These colors will go with anything and everything you have in your closet without fail. Try on your Fall sweater and jeans with these flawless colors and see for yourself. 

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