5 Fall Activities You Need To Do This Season

5 Fall Activities You Need To Do This Season

Finally, fall is here! We know you’ve been preparing for the latest fall fashion trends, but have you been thinking about what to do this season? The weather’s finally cooled down so it’s the perfect time to go outdoors.

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Bundle up in your favorite jacket and get ready to enjoy these fall activities:

Apple & Pumpkin Picking

5 Fall Activities You Need To Do This Season
You can make delicious meals and desserts from the apples you handpick.

Visiting a local orchard is not only a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, but you can pick your own fresh apples and bring them home with you. The cooking possibilities are endless – popular recipes include apple pie, apple fritters, applesauce, and apple cider. Or, you could just keep some apples around for healthy snacks. In addition, a lot of orchards also offer pumpkin picking. You can choose the ideal pumpkins for creative jack-o-lantern designs or family recipes.

Foliage Drives

When was the last time you really took in the scenery when you drove? It’s probably been a while, so take your friends or family on a breathtaking foliage drive. Many roads in America, particularly in New England, have absolutely stunning views of nature’s beauty. A foliage drive is also a great way to explore a new town or state.

Haunted Houses

Chances are, there are several pop-up haunted attractions in your area. A few examples are haunted houses, corn mazes, hay rides, and trails that feature actors and sets. These experiences really celebrate the spirit of Halloween and support local entertainers. Numerous amusement parks usually hold similar fall activities, too. Or, you could visit an actual haunted or paranormal site to see if the rumors are true.

Fall Festivals

In addition to at least one haunted house, there’s probably a fall festival nearby, too. While each town’s fall festival is different, you can expect to find members of your community selling their homemade food and trinkets. You’ll be able to find that perfect accessory or poncho you’ve been searching for. Plus, there may even be live music, competitions, a petting zoo, and other forms of entertainment.

Long Walks

5 Fall Activities You Need To Do This Season
Don’t forget to go out and just enjoy the change in season.

Perhaps the easiest and cheapest option, you can talk a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park. Autumn is also a wonderful time to go on a nature trail. You’ll be able to admire the beautiful colors of the leaves and the tranquility of nature. After breathing in the brisk air and getting some exercise, you’ll feel completely rejuvenated.

Take advantage of doing these fall activities while you still can. And be sure to treat yourself to a pumpkin latte or a bottle of hard cider. Before you know it, October will be over and it’ll be time to plan for the holiday season.

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