4 Essential Long Distance Relationship Tips

Essential Long Distance Relationship Tips

To say I’ve been in a few long distance relationships is an understatement. My very first relationship was long distance because my girlfriend lived in Canada. I met her during my first semester at college and we were apart during the Summers. However, that relationship fell apart when I found out she had been lying to me and was dating other people. Fortunately, it’s now easy to do a phone number search and find out if someone is lying about who they are.

After that, a lot of my relationships became long distance at some point, whether it was because we lived in different cities or had to travel for work. The only way I got through them all (and still had a happy, healthy relationship) was by following these long distance relationship tips.

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4 Tips For A Successful And Happy Long Distance Relationship:


Plan To Shorten The Distance Between You Both

One of the biggest mistakes people make in long distance relationships is, not knowing when they’ll be able to live closer to their significant other. At some point, both you and your SO shouldn’t have any space between you. Ideally, you’ll both live in the same city and hopefully even share a home together. For most people, a relationship that’s indefinitely long distance is a recipe for disaster.

Set Dates To See Each Other

There are fewer things that can kill a relationship than not seeing each other. It’s the same with long distance relationships. Even if it’s once every few months or once a year, you should both make an attempt to visit each other. In some circumstances, it’s not possible, which is understandable. But most couples should be able to make it work.

Show That You’re Committed

Essential Long Distance Relationship Tips
Even though you’re apart, you can still show how much you love each other.

Don’t keep any secrets from each other. And don’t act like you’re single just because your significant other isn’t physically there with you. Stay true to your word, call when you say you’re going to call, and show your partner that you’re still crazy about them. There are so many things you can do in a long distance relationship, from watching movies together over sites such as to mailing each other surprise gifts.

Share Stories About Your Lives

It’s the little things that will bring and keep you together. Talk about anything interesting that happened at work, your outings with friends, or anything else you want to share. It might seem insignificant to you, but your partner will feel more connected to you, and vice versa. Staying involved in each others’ lives will help make the distance seem a lot smaller.


You might be faced with people who tell you long distance relationships don’t work. Don’t worry about proving them wrong – just follow these tips to have a happy relationship. That’s all that matters. There’s no shortage of long distance relationship date ideas, so get creative and find what works for you and your partner.

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