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Eight Paws Up For Bark Box!

Bark Box

There is a subscription box for just about everyone, and it’s way beyond time we have one for our pets. This month, we decided to test out one of the more popular subscriptions for dogs, Bark Box.

As I am not a dog, it would be biased of me to test out this box myself. So, I enlisted the help of my two furry friends. Ivan, the Husky and Roxy, the Shiba Inu to help me review the February 2019 Bark Box.

About our Guest Reviewers:

Meet Ivan

bark box

Ivan is a 12-year-old Husky and a very good old boy. He has some tooth problems in his old age and loves soft treats and snuggling up on the couch. His favorite game is tag and he plays with his sister, Roxy.

Meet Roxy

bark box

Roxy is an 11-year-old Shiba Inu, whose full name is Miss Roxy Queen of Shiba, and she totally lives up to that name. The Queen bee of our home, she is the pickiest when it comes to treats and only wants the best.


The Box

The box arrived, a plain brown box, nothing too special about it on the outside. Inside however, there was a colorful candy-themed cornicopia of goodies for my fur babies. The pamphlet inside was well designed and showed all the info about the great stuff inside.

– Treat #1 The Chew of the Month

Each month comes with a special chew treat for your pet. This month was the Chewy Chicken Chomp Stick. The packaging was perfectly in theme and looked like an old timey candy bar wrapper. It was big enough to split between my two puppers.

Roxy practically inhaled it in two bites, so it seemed less of a chew treat and more like a treat, but she can get through the toughest of marrow bones in less time it takes for a person to get through a starburst. Ivan took a bit more time savoring it (but not much). They both looked up for me to see if I had any more, so I’m guessing they loved it.

– Treat # 2: I am Dandies Soft and Chewy Pork Dog Treats & Turkey Gobblers Soft and Chewy Dog Treats

Bark Box always includes two different doggy treats with their box. This month follows with the candy-themed packaging. One was chicken flavored and one pork. Since my dogs don’t have any dietary restrictions, they can get anything. The thing I liked when singing up for Bark Box was that they allowed for dogs with special dietary needs.

I gave one of each flavor to Ivan and Roxy to try. Roxy chose to go after the pork one first and quickly jumped onto the second one. Ever more cautious, Ivan sniffed at the pork one and ate the chicken one before going back to the pork. I’m not sure if it was because he preferred the chicken or wanted to save the best for last.

– Toy #1: Wally The Lolly

This lollipop shaped squeaky toy comes with a rope at the end, perfect for tug of war (Roxy’s favorite game). Roxy was quick to claim that toy for herself and went quick into shake mode, trying to get the toy to squeak. She brought it back intending me to play tug of war with it, which we did for a few minutes before she retreated with it to her toy hoard underneath the coffee table.

I say it’s a keeper.

– Toy #2: Bubble Gum Crinckle Toy

This toy shaped like bubble gum was a soft crinkle toy. Ivan didn’t show much interest in it (as it was not a ball or a rope toy). Roxy retreated from under the coffee table to also claim this toy for herself (Sorry Ivan).


The Good:

I really liked how the box is themed. It brings some whimsey and variety to what can eventually be a very boring subscription box. The treats and toys were high quality and something I would probably spend money on for my dogs. Also, the treat portion sizes were well worth the money I paid.

The Meh:

Not so much bad, just perhaps the luck of the draw was that both toys were similarly styled. I know Bark Box offers a box of tough toys for dogs that go through normal dog toys too quickly. Maybe next time I’ll try that one.

Overall Rating: Eight Paws Way Up

We will definitely be getting Bark Box again! It’s been a few weeks and Roxy is still playing with her Wally the Lolly and the treats are long gone. If you want to get a deal on Bark Box (or Meow Box if you’re a cat person), check out this link.

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