Do’s and Don’ts Of Setting Up Your Online Dating Profile

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Thinking about joining an online dating site? Well, navigating these sites to find your perfect match isn’t as easy as you think. Do one wrong thing on your profile and you will turn-off many possible matches. So, what are the proper rules of setting up your online dating profile? Below, is our list of dating profile do’s and don’ts you should follow.

Things To Do and Not Do On Your Online Dating Profile


  • Include Different Images Of Yourself

On most dating sites like, you can include multiple images of yourself. A potential match’s first impression of you will be from your photos. On your profile, you should include a selfie, a full body photo, and an image that shows off your personality. Any other images you want to add are up to you.

  • Be Clear About What You’re Looking For

On your online dating profile, it’s important to make it clear what you’re looking for in a partner. Things to consider include their age, where they live, occupation, interests, and if they want kids. This information will help narrow down your matches, but don’t be afraid to live out of your comfort zone if you find someone you like.

  • Mention Your Unique Qualities

With millions of people on these dating sites, it’s crucial you make your profile stand out. What makes you unique? The little details about you will eventually catch someone’s eye.

  • Paint A Picture Of Your Life

Just like with in-person dating, you want to tell someone what your life is like. Do you live in an apartment or house? What’s your job? Do you have any pets? What food do you like? By answering basic questions about your day-to-day life, someone visiting your profile should get a real sense of who you are.


  • Use Just Selfies Of Yourself

Potential matches could get the wrong idea about you if your profile just has selfies of you. They may assume you’re obsessed with yourself or don’t truly care about online dating.

  • Be Vague About Yourself and Your Life

People on online dating sites like to learn the details about potential matches, especially if they’re looking for a serious relationship. If your profile is vague and not interesting, they’ll swipe left on you. The whole point of online dating is to put yourself out there. If you don’t, what’s the point of you online dating?

  • Provide Your Home Address and Contact Information

The online dating world is full of catfishers looking for innocent victims to toy with. Make sure to not include your home address and other contact information on your profile. You should only provide someone with your contact information and other personal details when you get to know them more.  

  • Lie About Yourself

Whatever you do, don’t lie on your profile. It may seem tempting, especially when you want to make your profile more appealing, but don’t. Eventually, you’ll get caught in your lie and it could cost you a relationship.


There are lists upon lists of online dating profile do’s and don’ts, but these are the key ones to follow. Looking into which dating site is best for you? Click here for the best dating apps this year! Or, you could try Match’s 3-Day Free Trial!

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