Don't Even Think About Meeting Your New Date Until You've Run An Online Background Check

Don’t Even Think About Meeting Your New Date Until You’ve Run An Online Background Check

If you’re like me, then you’ve done your fair share of online dating. It’s not always easy to meet new people “out in the wild.” And who doesn’t like swiping through pictures of people while sitting on the couch, in your PJs, and eating some pizza? But we all know it’s not a safe world out there. Have you ever wondered if someone you’re about to go on a date with has a criminal background? Well, you should, because that’s the ultimate bad date.

Dating and relationships are never easy. Add the Internet into that mix, and they can become downright unsafe. One of my sorority sisters just went through a terrifying dating experience. She had been on a few dates with the same guy, but by the end of their fourth one, it was like he was a completely different person. Once they were at his apartment, he was physically aggressive and forced himself on her. The experience was nothing short of traumatizing. She only recently found out that he is listed on a sex offender registry and has been convicted of several crimes. Unfortunately, she discovered this information too late.

Run a Background Check on Anyone


Even though online dating apps make it so easy to meet new people, it’s hard to figure out who’s really on the other end of your screen. Don’t you wish you knew where to get a background check before you actually go on a date with someone? I know that feeling all too well. Even though so many people want to know if dating sites do background checks, the answer is that most of them don’t. I love the rush that comes with instantly connecting with someone who’s also interested in me. But I’ve learned that I shouldn’t immediately jump at the chance to meet them in person.

My Own Experience With Online Dating

Don't Even Think About Meeting Your New Date Until You've Run An Online Background Check
Sometimes, an awkward date is the best case scenario.

The first online dating app I used was OKCupid, when I was a junior in college. I wasn’t looking for anything serious at the time – after all, I was still busy with classes, sports, and sorority events. Usually, I’d just message a few guys I thought were cute, and then forget about the app for a few days. It wasn’t until I started talking to this one guy, let’s call him Jeremy, that the possibility of meeting for a date even came up. We really hit it off – it turned out that we both ate an unhealthy amount of Taco Bell and unironically loved the movie “Rat Race.” (Hey, that finale with the Smash Mouth concert was legendary.)

Here’s What Happened

I enthusiastically agreed to a date with him, because why not? He seemed cool enough. His last class ended later than mine, so we planned to meet at the Student Center that night. I didn’t have a worry in the world as I left my dorm to go meet him. But about halfway through dinner (an obviously romantic night at the dining hall), something about Jeremy seemed a little… off. He was giving me some weird vibes – he was very secretive about things that didn’t need to be a secret, like what classes he took or what his major was. I even found out how to catch a cheater – all the signs were right there, but he really was faithful to me. I couldn’t place exactly what it was about him that was unsettling, until his name came up in the student papers a week later. He was found guilty of plagiarism, so that had to be why he didn’t want me to know anything about his coursework.

Of course, this was a minor offense, in the grand scheme of things. But that’s when it hit me that I didn’t actually know these guys on OKCupid. I wished there was a way I could do a background check on online dating sites before I met up with dates, but I didn’t know how. I ended up ghosting Jeremy and blocking his number. How could I even talk to him after that? After all, academic integrity was important to me and my sorority. I didn’t have to worry about seeing him on campus because he was expelled, but I still felt uneasy.

The truth is, I was turned off from online dating because I didn’t want to have another experience like that. It wasn’t until my sorority sister told me about Kiwi Searches that I decided to dust off my dating profile. That’s when I discovered how to do an online background check. It’s just the tool I needed to stay safe in this uncertain world of dating. Now that I’ve graduated, I can’t waste my time (or risk my safety) on people that aren’t right for me.

How To Find Out More Information About An Online Background Check

Run a Background Check on Anyone


So, you’re probably wondering if a background check really works with Kiwi Searches. The answer is yes, and it’s pretty simple! Once you’re on their website, you need to figure out what kind of search you want to run. For example, if you want to learn more general, public data and contact information for a person, you want to do a person search. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve done these types of searches on my online dates! It’s a good way to verify their identity. Kiwi also offers other search options, including phone number, address, criminal record, sex offender, bankruptcy, and liens & judgments searches. Here’s a quick guide on how to perform a person search:

  1. Enter the person’s first and last name, select the state they live in, and then click the magnifying glass button.
  2. Once the search is complete, click “See Results.”
  3. Take a look through the search results and select the one that matches the person you’re looking for.
  4. You’ll see a preview with some of their information. Click “Get Full Report” to unlock all of it.
  5. Select your package: a monthly subscription or a single search. Then fill out your contact and payment information to create your account and proceed.
  6. Your full person search report will include the person’s full name, phone number, address, social media profiles, gender, family members, and more.

And that’s it! It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to learn a little more about your date. And you don’t have to waste your time talking to someone who might be lying about who they are or, even worse, trying to scam you. Easy, right?

But How Much Does Kiwi Searches Cost?

First off, as a recent college graduate, I was pleasantly surprised with Kiwi’s pricing structure. To run a single search report (person, phone, or address), it’s just $3.95. I can definitely justify $3.95 for my own personal safety and peace of mind!

Kiwi also has a monthly subscription option, which is great if you need several background investigation services. This is perfect for people who meet a lot of new dates online. If you’re looking to run a criminal, sex offender, bankruptcy, or liens & judgments search, though, it’s $19.99. I usually perform one of these searches before I agree to meet a new date for the first time. Overall, I’d say all of Kiwi’s background screening services are well worth the money.

Are There Any Other Ways I Can Use Kiwi Searches?

Don't Even Think About Meeting Your New Date Until You've Run An Online Background Check
Kiwi Searches isn’t just for online dating.

Of course! While I mainly use it for learning about my online dates, Kiwi’s website says you can use it to reconnect with loved ones, discover new things about your neighborhood, and even learn more about your child’s babysitter. It’s really an essential tool for anyone.

Best of all, Kiwi offers great customer service. When my friend first told me that they were the best background check service she’s used, I wanted to know where Kiwi got their information from. The first thing I did on their website was send them a quick email with my question. Not only did I eventually find the answer in their FAQ, but they got back to me within an hour! Some online background check services seem a little sketchy, but Kiwi Searches is the real deal. You can tell that they really care about their customers and their safety.

If I’ve helped even one person stay a little safer when meeting up with people from the Internet, then I’m happy. I hope you end up loving Kiwi Searches as much as I do!