Oh Snap! Check Out These Cool Ideas For Snapchat Usernames!

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Looking to join the world of Snapchat? Then, you’ll need an awesome Snapchat username! It needs to represent who you are, while standing out among the crowd of snapchatters. So, how do you start figuring out your username? Below, we provide some tips for doing so, along with some ideas for Snapchat usernames.

Tips For Making An Unique Snapchat Username

#1: Make Sure It Isn’t Taken

First and foremost, make sure the Snapchat usernames you’re considering aren’t taken. By doing a simple Snapchat search, you can find this out. If you are dead set on using that username, you could add a number to it and see if it’s available.

#2: Don’t Include Too Much Personal Information

Likely, you are joining Snapchat to connect with people you know. However, there are many people on Snapchat that you don’t know that may want to become friends with you. With this in mind, you don’t want to include too much (if any) personal information in your username. This includes your first, last, or full name, where you live, and age.

#3: Think About What You’re Favorite Things Are

Just because you can’t include personal information in your Snapchat username, doesn’t mean it can’t be something relating to you. What are your favorite hobbies? Is there a specific TV show, movie, or character you’re obsessed with? Make a list up to help inspire your Snapchat username.

To help finalize your Snapchat username, below are some ideas and options that are available!

Snapchat Usernames: Cool and Awesome Ideas

  2. DOBBYSMYBFF (For all you Harry Potter Fans)
  5. ILYJONSNOW (Who doesn’t love GoT’s Jon Snow?!)
  12. ONETAUGHTMELOVE (Referencing Ariana Grande’s song, “Thank U, Next.”)

If you’re still unsure of what you want your Snapchat username to be, you can always use a name generator website. Some sites we recommend include Name Generator, Rum & Monkey, and Name Generator Fun.

Now that you’ve read this article, hopefully you’ve come up with some Snapchat username options for yourself. Once you join Snapchat, you’ll likely need to find your friends and family on the social media platform. If you can’t find them, you can do a social media profile search online to find them.  

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